Skilled Trades in 2018: What’s Trending Now?

Each New Year brings new evaluations of life direction and purpose, and with this question comes the issue of careers to the forefront. Too many of us go to college, graduate with a degree in something we care passionately about, and are left out in the cold as we watch friends and loved ones ascend … Continue reading “Skilled Trades in 2018: What’s Trending Now?”

8 Great Jobs for People Who Love Working with Their Hands

Are you good with your hands? Are you looking to transition into a career where you can put your talents to good use and work with your hands all day every day? ​Here are some interesting career options for you to consider: 1. Carpentry If you are really good with your hands and you’re able … Continue reading “8 Great Jobs for People Who Love Working with Their Hands”

How Do I Start A Career In The Trades?

Schooling is often focused on academic subjects and careers that involve working with your hands are taking a back seat. This isn’t always best for some people who are more suited to practical work. While they might not be advertised as well as they used to be, there are still plenty of different routes into … Continue reading “How Do I Start A Career In The Trades?”

Hands-on Careers You’d Be A Fool Not to Consider

Recently there’s been a bit of a buzz about artificial intelligence. Apple just introduced us to a newer, cleverer version of Siri. And a London company, Deep Mind, just beat the world champion at the game Go using AI. Neither of these developments was supposed to happen for a long time. Yet here we are … Continue reading “Hands-on Careers You’d Be A Fool Not to Consider”

4 Tips to Become Everyone’s Subcontractor of Choice

Thinking about your next career path is something that is important to do. You need to make a decision about whether it’s the right time for changing your job. And you might decide you’d like to become a subcontractor. If you do, then you will need to know how to make yourself the go-to choice … Continue reading “4 Tips to Become Everyone’s Subcontractor of Choice”

Reasons To Consider Becoming An Electrician

We all know that electricity is a staple of modern day life. However, you can’t appreciate just how important it is until you’ve seen an electrician in action. Perhaps you’ve always been interested in the way electricity benefits our day-to-day lives. Maybe you need to find a career, and you’re just looking into anything! Whatever … Continue reading “Reasons To Consider Becoming An Electrician”