Sleeping Like A Pro: Hack Your Sleep And Win Back Your Productivity

According to studies, upwards of 70 million people deal with sleep deprivation or some other sleep disorder. In a world where 9-to-5ers and entrepreneurs alike are routinely working more than 40 hours per week, this is a recipe for disaster that eats into productivity as much as wellness. If you are not getting the right amount … Continue reading “Sleeping Like A Pro: Hack Your Sleep And Win Back Your Productivity”

How to Power Nap During Your Work Day?

We’ve all experienced the dreaded afternoon slump. A few minutes or a couple of hours after lunch, you start feeling sluggish, unable to focus on work. Words and numbers start swirling around, and your eyes begin to feel heavy. This is your body telling you that you need a nap – a power nap. How … Continue reading “How to Power Nap During Your Work Day?”

8 Ideas on How to Rest Well Before Your Interview

Tomorrow is the interview you have been waiting for. You have the perfect thing to wear, you’ve prepared for a myriad of interview questions, and you’ve brushed up on how to overcome any bad habits that might deter your interviewer from offering you the job of a lifetime. Still, there is one more thing of … Continue reading “8 Ideas on How to Rest Well Before Your Interview”

How and Why Sleep Improves Your Productivity?

Sleep is an automatic occurrence. We can’t avoid it and most of us wouldn’t want to even if we could. Sleep is healthy and restorative, allowing us to recharge and tackle the new day. When it is plentiful and good quality, sleep feels incredibly pleasant and has a vast array of positive impacts on our … Continue reading “How and Why Sleep Improves Your Productivity?”

13 Tips to Working More After Less Sleep

Have you ever spent a night just counting the parallel lines on your ceiling’s PoP design, which you had not noticed even when you got your dream house constructed? Or may be checking your phone a million times and reading all those push messages which you would normally sift through trash without even glancing at … Continue reading “13 Tips to Working More After Less Sleep”

How To Stop Being Lazy?

I consider myself a fairly productive guy, and in general I will call myself a work-horse; and people who know me well will attest to that. Yet, there are moments (and sometimes days) where I feel down-right lazy. If you are a student of productivity like me, I am sure it bothers you when this … Continue reading “How To Stop Being Lazy?”