The Truth About Careers in Social Work

In social work circles, there is a popular joke: A mugger accosts a social worker with a gun, shouting, “Your money or your life!” The social worker shrugs carelessly, “I’m sorry, I’m a social worker. I have no money and no life.” Social work is a hard career, and jokes like these – dark and dry … Continue reading “The Truth About Careers in Social Work”

5 Best Career Choices for Empaths

If you’re a naturally very empathetic person, then choosing the right career path is especially important. Empaths naturally seek jobs that are fulfilling and allow them to reach and help their fellow men and women. Empaths also tend to be affected more deeply by stressful environments that don’t speak to their strengths. Fortunately, there are … Continue reading “5 Best Career Choices for Empaths”

A Look Into Career in Social Work

Taking a career decision is not an easy task  when you have to choose between many options available to you; especially when you are in the early phase of your career when high paying jobs seems lucrative. If you are a person who would like to earn by helping others or making  some impact in … Continue reading “A Look Into Career in Social Work”

Pursuing a Career With a Purpose: How to Move Forward?

You never know when the self-doubt will strike: are you really doing what you love at your job? For many working adults, their career is just that: work. It doesn’t matter if you come home at the end of the day — exhausted, bored, and ready to zone out on your couch — as long … Continue reading “Pursuing a Career With a Purpose: How to Move Forward?”

4 Signs You’re Meant For Career in Health and Social Care

Working in the private sector can be tough at times. In some cases, there are high targets, competitive colleagues and overly demanding management.   To some, this sort of working environment can present an exciting challenge which will help them thrive. But to others, it can bring a great deal of discomfort. Not everyone is … Continue reading “4 Signs You’re Meant For Career in Health and Social Care”

4 Myths Debunked About Careers in Healthcare & Social Care

The world of health and social care does get a rather unfair reputation, in particular in the media. We’ve seen reports where the people who work in health and social care don’t provide the best care. Even though these reports only represent a small percentage of the industry, it really shouldn’t happen. In fact, the … Continue reading “4 Myths Debunked About Careers in Healthcare & Social Care”

Best Careers for People Persons

There’s a lot of talk these days about personal branding. You may have been wondering yourself about what your brand is in order to move forward in your career, and all you can come up with is that your brand is that you care about people and helping them live their best lives. What’s wrong … Continue reading “Best Careers for People Persons”