7 Indispensable Soft Skills You Must Hone To Supercharge Your Career

If you’re applying as a graphic designer, you know very well that your exceptional proficiency in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere takes you a step closer to getting hired. Afterall, they’re looking for technical skills, right? Still, keep in mind that you’re not gonna be working alone in your mini cubbyhole with a laptop. You’re going … Continue reading “7 Indispensable Soft Skills You Must Hone To Supercharge Your Career”

Why Assertiveness Is Key to Your Freelancing Success

An article by Sara Horowitz entitled “Freelancers in the U.S. workforce” quoted that: “The freelance surge is the Industrial Revolution of our time.”. And stats are encouraging this statement. In 2016, the freelance economy grew to a total of 55 million freelancers in the U.S., making up 35% of the total U.S. workforce, and generating an estimated $1 trillion … Continue reading “Why Assertiveness Is Key to Your Freelancing Success”

Employers Place Substantial Value on the Soft Skills of Young Professionals

A recent study by education charity Central YMCA which surveyed senior managers at over 200 businesses, revealed that UK employers value more than just work-related skills in young people coming out of the education system and into the workplace. According to the study, alongside valuing someone who is well-travelled and has experiences of other cultures, … Continue reading “Employers Place Substantial Value on the Soft Skills of Young Professionals”

10 Soft Skills For Job Readiness

Unlike hard skills (technical skills), soft skills are hard to quantify. And, besides, hard skills can be easily taught or developed on the job, but soft skills are those set of skills that employees must already possess prior to joining an organization. Gone are the times when organizations ignored the importance of hiring employees with … Continue reading “10 Soft Skills For Job Readiness”

What exactly are SOFT SKILLS?

http://www.job-interview-site.com/soft-skills-definition-what-are-soft-skills-examples-of-soft-skills.html Thanks to job-interview-site.com for the original article. We hear this a lot at work, during your job hunting, from recruiters,etc. about Soft Skills. We hear about the importance of soft skills. But what exactly are the soft skills that everyone is talking about. In this article, let’s look at the some skills that will … Continue reading “What exactly are SOFT SKILLS?”

How to get PROMOTED in your current Job?

https://comerecommended.com/feeling-stuck-here-are-9-real-reasons-youre-not-getting-promoted/ Thanks to Olivia Adams and Comerecommended.com for this original article. The author talks about reasons why someone is not being promoted at their work. Here are some of the skills and traits you need to be Promoted. KEY POINTS ATTITUDE– This tops the list (in my humble opinion), no one wants to work for … Continue reading “How to get PROMOTED in your current Job?”