4 Different Options to Pursue a Career in Teaching

Having a love of learning often leads to a lifelong enjoyment from continually discovering new things. Similarly, being an excellent imparter of knowledge by teaching other people how to improve their skills, ideas, thinking and factual knowledge of a subject or language is highly rewarding too. Anyone bitten by the bug to be an educator … Continue reading “4 Different Options to Pursue a Career in Teaching”

8 Reasons to Say Yes to a Career in Education

With members of future generations being born every single day, the education industry is one that’s certainly not going anywhere fast. As children grow up, they require educational professionals at all stages of their young life, from kindergarten right through to college and graduate school. If you have a passion for helping others to reach … Continue reading “8 Reasons to Say Yes to a Career in Education”

7 Highest Earning Permanent Occupations

Teachers and academics will always tell you to pursue a career based on the subject which you are naturally inclined towards. Financially speaking there are some careers which are worth pursuing. There are some careers which are highly demanding but they fail to justify the worker’s efforts with favorable earnings. You will potentially be working … Continue reading “7 Highest Earning Permanent Occupations”

Outreaching Online and Special Schooling: The Many Career Paths of English Teaching

Being an English teacher has handed you the opportunity to help people from many different walks of life, on a journey to improving their language and communication skills. You were often hesitant about making clear cut career choices, because you thought it would narrow down the number of prospects for your future. It turns out that … Continue reading “Outreaching Online and Special Schooling: The Many Career Paths of English Teaching”

6 Career Choices You’ve Never Considered

When considering career ideas, sometimes, you can find that most businesses want experience that you don’t have yet and it can put you off pursuing that line of work. With some career choices, there are secret ways to break into the sector without having direct experience, instead, experience in another line of work can spike … Continue reading “6 Career Choices You’ve Never Considered”

10 Myths About Being a Teacher

Everyone has opinions about everything—including teachers. As happens all too often, opinions become confused with facts. There are many preconceived concepts about being a teacher that have reached mythological status—and those who believe them aren’t teachers themselves. If these myths were good, it would be more tempting to turn a blind eye to them. But … Continue reading “10 Myths About Being a Teacher”

6 Jobs That Will Be In Demand In 2020!

Rapid advancements in technology can be both scary and exhilarating. For the job market, however, the changes are quite frequent. Those wanting to search for jobs in the near future may find the landscape very different from what they expected. Of course, the main reason behind the shifting job landscape is automation. Computer programs are … Continue reading “6 Jobs That Will Be In Demand In 2020!”

The Intangible Benefits of Being a Teacher

“Being a teacher would be the best. You basically get to hang out with kids and impart your wisdom onto them, right? Plus, summers off! Teachers have it made.”  This is something only a non-teacher would say. Because everyone was once a student, it’s easy to think you know what the job entails—some combination of … Continue reading “The Intangible Benefits of Being a Teacher”