5 Things Every Telecommuter Needs in 2018

Maybe you’ve finally convinced your employer of the virtues of remote work, or maybe you’ve decided to start a business from the comforts of your own home—whatever the reason, telecommuting is the ultimate dream for many professionals, and it certainly comes with a lot of perks. But it also comes with as many challenges as … Continue reading “5 Things Every Telecommuter Needs in 2018”

5 Ways to Boost Your Remote Collaborations

Up until very recently, digital workspaces were not as acceptable, owing to the impossibility of one-on-one communication. It sure feels heavy when face-to-face conversations are a crossed-out possibility. But, now that the issue is being overcome through affordable, easy-to-use video conferencing devices, things are taking a turn for the better. In a recent past, most of … Continue reading “5 Ways to Boost Your Remote Collaborations”

Top Cities for Working Remotely in 2018

The next natural step for anyone who has just finished their studies – whether high school, college, or even post-graduate studies – is to apply for a job and work to sustain their living. While entrepreneurship is becoming a trend among those who are old enough to work, not everyone has the aptitude or simply … Continue reading “Top Cities for Working Remotely in 2018”

Why Remote Work Matters for Your Company?

As a business owner, manager, or supervisor, you likely know about or have heard of remote work. It allows employees to work from home—or a coffee shop, co-working space, restaurant, etc.—either part-time or full-time. In the past, this kind of work was hard to achieve, but today’s internet connectivity and technology make it easier to … Continue reading “Why Remote Work Matters for Your Company?”

How to Successfully Prove Yourself as a Productive Remote Employee?

Telecommuting has become somewhat of a trend lately. Thus, in the USA, the number of people who work remotely increased 115% between 2005 and 2015, and it continues to grow. Maybe, you have also considered this option for various reasons. However, think twice before buying into colorful descriptions of out-of-office life. In fact, it may not … Continue reading “How to Successfully Prove Yourself as a Productive Remote Employee?”

#72 – Career Expert Series – Global Careers – Chizzy Igbokwe

For Episode 72 of The CareerMetis Podcast, we will be hearing from a Chizzy Igbokwe who will be talking to use about the different type of global careers. Guest Introduction – Chizzy Igbokwe Chizzy Igbokwe found her calling during one specific college class. She was less motivated and committed during that time, and was all set to attend … Continue reading “#72 – Career Expert Series – Global Careers – Chizzy Igbokwe”

How to Make a Living from Home and Not Freak Out in the Process?

One of the most singular phenomes of the last decade is the noticeable change in workstyle habits that workers all around the world tend to show. Either by maximizing their productivity potential or investing their free time in broadening their knowledge, workers seek for a way to increase their revenues in the shortest period. Naturally, … Continue reading “How to Make a Living from Home and Not Freak Out in the Process?”

The Telecommuter’s Guide to Staying Sane

Telecommuting is a progressively popular work preference in many businesses and industries, and its usage is expected to increase in the future because of new innovations in computer and communication technology. It is a practice in which an employee works at a location, usually at home, that is remote from the actual business facility at … Continue reading “The Telecommuter’s Guide to Staying Sane”