Why Your LinkedIn Content Must be Mobile Friendly

It had been coming for some years now, so it was no surprise when mobile web usage overtook desktop last year. The progress that smartphones have made since 2010 when mobile accounted for just 5% of web use has been phenomenal. While from a recreational/social point of view it is easy to see why people … Continue reading “Why Your LinkedIn Content Must be Mobile Friendly”

Creating a Learning Culture Is Fundamental To Nurturing Your Start-up

There is a maxim that is popular in learning circles, ‘Continuous improvement requires a commitment to learning.’ This maxim sounds instinctively accurate. Right? Any organization is only as good as its people and this makes it a compelling reason not just for startups but also for established business/organizations to create a learning culture.  But what … Continue reading “Creating a Learning Culture Is Fundamental To Nurturing Your Start-up”

21st Century Workplace Changes and Challenges

The workplace has continually changed and adapted throughout history, but the technological boom of the 21st century has accelerated this change enormously. Many companies have struggled to adapt to change, and the world of business really is all about survival of the fittest. Those that aren’t ready to adapt risk becoming extinct. Here are just … Continue reading “21st Century Workplace Changes and Challenges”

10 Ways To Unwind After A Long Work Day

Whether you work the regular 9-5, or maybe you’re involved in the new-age 4-10’s everyone seems to be over the moon about (Personally, I’d do just about anything for perpetual 3-day weekends, so I’m on board) chances are by the end of your day, you’re feeling pretty beat. To fight the stress and finally relax, … Continue reading “10 Ways To Unwind After A Long Work Day”

Be Sure You’re On the Right Path: Make the Best Career Move for You

Many of today’s high school graduates face a serious conundrum. All their lives, they’ve been told that going to college is the best way to be sure that they’ll be able to secure employment when they enter the workforce. Unfortunately, a college degree is no longer a guaranteed way to get a great job–and many … Continue reading “Be Sure You’re On the Right Path: Make the Best Career Move for You”

4 Things to Know Before Quitting Your Job to Follow Your Dreams

Sure, you might have forgotten about your career and gotten a job, but when that no longer satisfies you don’t just give up on it. Yes, there is an immediate temptation to quit and just get on with it. Resist that urge. You see, the problem with just quitting before you have something else lined … Continue reading “4 Things to Know Before Quitting Your Job to Follow Your Dreams”

Fastest Growing Jobs: UK vs. USA

The job market around the world is growing and specialization in certain fields has become increasingly evident. Developed countries may, at first, seem to be specializing in many of the same fields. Upon closer inspection, these countries actually have many differences to be proud of. Here, we will be exploring just a few of the … Continue reading “Fastest Growing Jobs: UK vs. USA”

Key Tips on Writing an Effective Results-Driven Resume

Nowadays, the interviewers of the leading companies put maximum importance on the attractiveness of the resume or CV. They gain an idea about the interviewee from the resume. In many cases, the companies hire only shortlisted candidates for the interview. In such cases, the resume of an interviewee must be very attractive, professional and precise … Continue reading “Key Tips on Writing an Effective Results-Driven Resume”

Qualities That Make a Good Doctor

Careers in medicine are some of the most prestigious out there. I’m sure there’s nothing quite as satisfying as reading “Dr” as the prefix on all your mail, or seeing a family’s relief at someone’s recovery. However, the life of a doctor isn’t completely glamorous! If you’re thinking of pursuing this career, take a moment … Continue reading “Qualities That Make a Good Doctor”

Monthly Roundup | November 2015 | Productivity

Hello and welcome to the November 2015 Edition of Monthly Roundups. In this post we will cover the most popular articles on the topic of Productivity for this month. The articles in this roundup post has been selected based on the views & social shares that have been generated. A Software Programmer Automates his entire … Continue reading “Monthly Roundup | November 2015 | Productivity”