How Is Online Learning on the Rise?

Online learning has been defined as a program that offers at least 80% of its curriculum online. As of the fall of 2014, over five million students were enrolled in at least one online learning course.  With more than two-thirds of higher level education offering some type of online learning, an increasing number of students are moving to the … Continue reading “How Is Online Learning on the Rise?”

10 Ways to Get More from Your Last Training Course

According to a survey by McKinsey, only one-quarter of employee training programs improve performance for businesses. The research reveals a major loss of time, money and energy for both employers and workers. Companies around the world spend more than $100 billion annually on employee training, with £40 billion spent in the UK alone (2008 figures). So, how … Continue reading “10 Ways to Get More from Your Last Training Course”

Is College Really Worth the Money?

What do Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg all have in common? They are all millionaires that never graduated college. Sometimes the allure of making it without attending college can be strong. In the past, a college education was something that only the rich could afford, and not everyone needed. You could … Continue reading “Is College Really Worth the Money?”

Do You Have What It Takes To Become A Nurse?

There is a severe lack of homegrown nurses in our country at the moment. Some experts think some people shy away from the career because of the amount of training involved. Others say that nurses don’t earn enough money. Whatever the reason, many unsuitable people also start their training every year and stop after a … Continue reading “Do You Have What It Takes To Become A Nurse?”

Growth in the Healthcare Industry Providing Nurses More Options

The new year has dawned and you are looking ahead to the future. What does your career in healthcare hold? What room is there for advancement or change? Let’s take a look at nursing and career options. As early as 2012, a nurse shortage was predicted. About 1 million new nurse positions will be open … Continue reading “Growth in the Healthcare Industry Providing Nurses More Options”

Why Advanced Nursing Degrees Have Become So Important

For generations, earning an Associate’s Degree in Nursing (ADN) was all one needed in order to pass the exam to become a Registered Nurse (RN). And while that still may be the case, and many nurses begin their careers with an associate’s degree, meeting the requirements for many of today’s nursing jobs requires holding a … Continue reading “Why Advanced Nursing Degrees Have Become So Important”

9 Ways to Reward Employees Besides Money

You own a business, and you have employees. So you are aware that, eventually, some of them will come to you and ask you for a raise. Or that you will need to be the one offering it to them. Unfortunately, it is not all the time that you can provide financial compensation to them. … Continue reading “9 Ways to Reward Employees Besides Money”

Inspirational Facts for All Women in the Workplace

Let’s not beat around the bush – the business world can be a depressing old place through a woman’s eyes. We always hear about glass ceilings and gender pay gaps. And, there are constant reports of sexism in the industry – the tech industry being a particular source, for example. With all this in mind, … Continue reading “Inspirational Facts for All Women in the Workplace”