What is Driving the Change in Corporate Company Culture?

So much about the workplace has changed in the last decade, from office design to the technology we use, the way we dress and the hours we work. Significantly, organizational culture has undergone a dramatic transformation. There’s little doubt that business success today is dependent on more substantial investment in people. Company culture is now … Continue reading “What is Driving the Change in Corporate Company Culture?”

How to Know It’s Time to Quit?

Source: Pixabay At some point, many of us have likely daydreamed about quitting and walking out on the job: throwing our hands in the air and making a final exit in front of everyone. F or most of us with families, debt, and bills to pay, though, making a rash decision like that comes at … Continue reading “How to Know It’s Time to Quit?”

The Truth About Careers in Social Work

In social work circles, there is a popular joke: A mugger accosts a social worker with a gun, shouting, “Your money or your life!” The social worker shrugs carelessly, “I’m sorry, I’m a social worker. I have no money and no life.” Social work is a hard career, and jokes like these – dark and dry … Continue reading “The Truth About Careers in Social Work”

9 Tips to Make a Career in Human Rights

A job that pays well is not necessarily the meaningful one. And if you want to leave behind a world better than the one you found instead of a pile of KPI reports, you may think about working in human rights. Have only a vague idea of what it means? It is all about promotion … Continue reading “9 Tips to Make a Career in Human Rights”

10 Tips for Choosing A Perfect Career

The sound of music, the thrill of operations, the debates of a courtroom and the shenanigans of the classroom. So many professions to mold in career but still don’t know the perfect choice for yourself? Students often opt out career paths which are chosen by their parents or peers, and which might prove right but … Continue reading “10 Tips for Choosing A Perfect Career”

Will Your Career Become Obsolete?

Analysts at some of the world’s most prominent think tanks are forecasting massive disruptions in the global job markets within the next several decades. They anticipate that technological advances will render 47 percent of the world’s current jobs obsolete. What Sorts of Jobs Are in Danger of Becoming Obsolete Soon? These experts inform us that even the … Continue reading “Will Your Career Become Obsolete?”

How to Effectively Overcome Most Inconvenient Hurdles during Job Search?

Applying for a relevant job profile and successfully completing the selection process is of greatest significance for fresh graduates from their career point of view. However, landing on a preferred job position is easier said than done because there are numerous hurdles in waiting that can disappoint people, especially fresh pass-outs. If soon you are … Continue reading “How to Effectively Overcome Most Inconvenient Hurdles during Job Search?”

Best Career Options for Graduate Students

Every student has been in this situation, you are nearing the end of your time studying, you have had an amazing experience and have grown as a person, as well as grown an understanding of a range of different topics. Even with all this positive energy and optimism, when you think about life after studying, … Continue reading “Best Career Options for Graduate Students”