16 Signs You Might Be Fired

Being fired is a challenging process, even for the strong-hearted. The change that’s about to come may be frightening and confusing, especially because it’s not really your choice to go. Nevertheless, one of the toughest aspects that some employees struggle with is the uncertainty and the lack of understanding. When you don’t know why you’re … Continue reading “16 Signs You Might Be Fired”

4 Career Advice Millennials Didn’t Know They Need

The millennial workforce is a winding maze that we are only just learning how to navigate. With endless possibilities to explore, it makes sense to be seeking guidance when it comes to your professional career. Let us be your temporary mentor and lend you some much sought-after advice. 1. Do your research If you’re dreaming … Continue reading “4 Career Advice Millennials Didn’t Know They Need”

7 Ideas to Jump Back When Your Career Hits Rock Bottom

Whether you’re stuck in a job you dislike or struggling to find a position in a new town, it can be discouraging to feel as if your career had been put on standby. For too many adults, it is difficult to manage the anxiety and the disenchanted feeling that appear when your career is stagnating. … Continue reading “7 Ideas to Jump Back When Your Career Hits Rock Bottom”

What Is Stopping Your Career Progression?

If you have been stuck on the same rung on the career ladder for years, it is important you ask yourself why. Assuming your job actually has room for progression, you will get more job satisfaction if you have the opportunity to grow within the company you work for. The alternative is staying where you … Continue reading “What Is Stopping Your Career Progression?”

4 Tips for Effective Networking

As a career professional, it is vital that you spend your time establishing useful business contacts. This will be of use when it comes to securing lucrative deals, negotiating better rates from your suppliers, taking on new members of staff, and boosting the profile of your brand. One of the best ways for you to … Continue reading “4 Tips for Effective Networking”

Millennials – Do You Know Where You Want to Work?

For years now, college grads have considered it somewhat of a miracle if they found jobs in their career fields. They moved back home with mom and dad, took menial positions while they continued to look, or went on to graduate school, hoping things would improve once a few more years passed and they had … Continue reading “Millennials – Do You Know Where You Want to Work?”

8 Things to Do When a Recruiter Visits Your LinkedIn Profile

If you are active on LinkedIn, you are probably aware of the “Who viewed my profile” feature. Even though the feature has been part of LinkedIn for a very long time, many users are still at a loss when someone views their profile, especially if it was a recruiter. Is it acceptable to message that … Continue reading “8 Things to Do When a Recruiter Visits Your LinkedIn Profile”

What to Do When Your Job Doesn’t Fit Your Personality?

Perhaps you’re a recent college grad, a few months into a new career. Perhaps you’ve been plugging away at your company for a decade or more. But something isn’t right. You feel drained at the end of the day–more than normal post-work tiredness. You’re anxious. The start of the weekend, for you, means a slow … Continue reading “What to Do When Your Job Doesn’t Fit Your Personality?”