The Increasingly Invaluable Millennial

They’ve been called many things – the me-me-me generation, generation now, the myPod generation, and generation why, to name a few – but regardless of how you feel about their sense of entitlement or their work ethic, millennials are here to stay. In fact, by now, the vast majority of millennials have already started working, … Continue reading “The Increasingly Invaluable Millennial”

It Takes 10000 Hours to Become a Master – Have You Done Yours?

We all think we know about those instant success stories. People who wake up with one brilliant idea that not only changes the world in impressive ways but makes them billionaires overnight. It’s hard to believe… and maybe we shouldn’t believe it at all. When we hear one of those stories, it’s more likely that … Continue reading “It Takes 10000 Hours to Become a Master – Have You Done Yours?”

How to Make Yourself Indispensable in 2017

Everyone likes to think that they are irreplaceable at work. After all, if your boss can’t possibly get by without you, that means job security – and plenty of opportunities for promotions and more money. The truth is, very few people are actually truly irreplaceable. That doesn’t mean, though that you can’t put effort into … Continue reading “How to Make Yourself Indispensable in 2017”

What Does An Engineering Manager Do

More likely than not, you got into engineering for the opportunity to build things – Computer software, bridges, spaceships, medical equipment . Engineers get the rare professional opportunity to see their creations come to life before their eyes. Unlike other careers, engineering applies math and logic to produce something the world desperately needs. Why would … Continue reading “What Does An Engineering Manager Do”

5 Qualities Finance Employers Want From Job Candidates

The field of finance is one of the best fields to go into in terms of job opportunities and earnings potential. It’s also being increasingly competitive to land a great job in this industry, and a solid grasp of basic technical skills is no longer enough to guarantee a placement. To be sure, employers are … Continue reading “5 Qualities Finance Employers Want From Job Candidates”

Why Advanced Nursing Degrees Have Become So Important

For generations, earning an Associate’s Degree in Nursing (ADN) was all one needed in order to pass the exam to become a Registered Nurse (RN). And while that still may be the case, and many nurses begin their careers with an associate’s degree, meeting the requirements for many of today’s nursing jobs requires holding a … Continue reading “Why Advanced Nursing Degrees Have Become So Important”

Best Careers for People Persons

There’s a lot of talk these days about personal branding. You may have been wondering yourself about what your brand is in order to move forward in your career, and all you can come up with is that your brand is that you care about people and helping them live their best lives. What’s wrong … Continue reading “Best Careers for People Persons”

5 Tips to Help You Nail Your Next Computer Science Job Interview

In terms of job availability, computer science and other IT-related fields have more opportunities than just about any other industry. However, just because companies are looking to hire more individuals than ever before doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily easy to get a computer science job. As always, companies are looking to hire the best of … Continue reading “5 Tips to Help You Nail Your Next Computer Science Job Interview”