How to Not Become A Bad Freelance Translator?

Freelance translation can be an amazing field. If you do things right, you’ll work with a variety of great clients. You’ll take on interesting work, at least sometimes. You can also make a very healthy living at it. Even better, the nature of most translation work allows you to be location independent. This means you … Continue reading “How to Not Become A Bad Freelance Translator?”

7 Lucrative Careers You Can Start From Your Own Couch

Finding a job for somebody, who has just been dismissed, is not that easy, but with proper perseverance, everything is manageable. It is much more difficult for those, who have just graduated from institute or college, have no special education or after a long break in working life, but need a job now. But what … Continue reading “7 Lucrative Careers You Can Start From Your Own Couch”

10 Top Paying Freelance Jobs You Should Consider As A Career!

The economic downturn has spurred the need for employing a side gig. Along with that some of us do not wish to leave our havens and dance to the tunes of others, fretting to meet the deadlines. Others, wish to accumulate wealth. To conquer all these issues, two simple techniques pop-up in mind: either tighten … Continue reading “10 Top Paying Freelance Jobs You Should Consider As A Career!”

Here Are 4 Career Choices For Freelancers!

This great new thing called freelancing can be a life changer for many people. If one wants, they can become a full-time freelancer and simply do that for a living. Otherwise, freelancing could be a great way to supplement an income. However, just like any other job, it is important to freelance in the right … Continue reading “Here Are 4 Career Choices For Freelancers!”

6 Best Jobs for Highly Sensitive People!

A client whom I work with for the last 4 months told me that she gets affected by the sound of fax and answering machine. She even gets turned off by the commotion in the streets, home, or office. Being a professional recruiter, my first reaction was to find a job for her that matches … Continue reading “6 Best Jobs for Highly Sensitive People!”

Work-From-Home Jobs for Those Who Love Their Freedom

There are plenty of reasons to choose telecommuting or work-from-home jobs over traditional jobs that limit you to an office cubicle in a rigid time window. If you’ve just had a baby, a work-from-home job can let you pursue your professional ambitions along with enjoying parenthood. Even if you aren’t having a baby yet, a … Continue reading “Work-From-Home Jobs for Those Who Love Their Freedom”

Jobs Where Geekiness is Appreciated

he term geek was once derogatory. It brought to mind someone with glasses, a retainer, and no friends. Someone was often on the receiving end of wedgies or getting slammed into lockers. That’s far from the case now though, as people take pride in their geekiness. Some are even able to put their geekiness to … Continue reading “Jobs Where Geekiness is Appreciated”

The 10 Most In-Demand Professions in the Nearest Future

Many might think that, considering the rise of the Internet and mobile devices during the last few decades, web developers and IT specialists must be the most in-demand professionals out there. While indeed, these are quite sought-after professions, research reveals there are many other career paths you might take in order to ensure a fulfilling … Continue reading “The 10 Most In-Demand Professions in the Nearest Future”