Jobs Where You Can Have Quite A Bit of Freedom

The modern job landscape has changed immensely from having to go in to a factory or office to having much more freedom than in the past. The main aspect of life to give credit for this is that of technology as people can have face to face meetings online. There are even studies that show … Continue reading “Jobs Where You Can Have Quite A Bit of Freedom”

Job Opportunities for Disabled Veterans

Veterans don’t always get the best treatment in the United States, with the government often leaving them behind and the state not showing an interest. But there are people who can help and ways for vets to get back on their feet even when they are disabled. If you in this position yourself, you have … Continue reading “Job Opportunities for Disabled Veterans”

6 Reasons to Start Your Career as A Front-End Web Developer

Choosing a career is a major decision that needs to be pondered over as this major decision in life will help you reach your goals in life. In this tech-savvy world, one of the most profitable career to take is being a front-end web developer. There are many things that you need to learn if … Continue reading “6 Reasons to Start Your Career as A Front-End Web Developer”

7 Ideas for New Freelancers To Get Their First Clients

Starting your new career path as a freelancer can be at the same time quite exhilarating and scary. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), just in the US, by 2020, 50% of the workforce is expected to engage in some sort of freelance activity. This means that as a newbie freelancer, you will … Continue reading “7 Ideas for New Freelancers To Get Their First Clients”

How to Use Wikipedia For Your Personal Branding

Before discussing the idea of Wikipedia for Personal Branding, it is important to know the exact meaning of Personal Branding and its importance. What is Personal Branding? Earlier, Personal Branding was not as popular, as it is today; all it involved was, having a simple business card. In the present day, the tables have turned, … Continue reading “How to Use Wikipedia For Your Personal Branding”

How To Freelance Like A King In 2017

For 9-5 workers, time is a vital resource. There’s never enough of it to get everything done, especially when you spend more than 30 minutes commuting from your house to your workplace and vice-versa. Time is difficult to come by for the busiest of people, but luckily, there’s hope in freelancing. The numerous people making … Continue reading “How To Freelance Like A King In 2017”

9 Career Opportunities That Let You Work From Home

Most of us today view career opportunities very differently than past generations. We don’t depend on one company for our entire lives, and instead opt for new and different ways to use the skills we’re continually developing. We also tend to look for flexibility in our jobs, often shying away from more traditional 9-5, punch … Continue reading “9 Career Opportunities That Let You Work From Home”

5 Simple Tips For Upwork Success

Are you growing tired of Upwork? If so, you probably aren’t alone. Scroll through any Facebook group where Upwork is being discussed by freelancers, and a few common themes will emerge. “It’s too saturated.” “The pay is too low.” “I can’t get any clients.” The problem which many people have is that they’re approaching Upwork … Continue reading “5 Simple Tips For Upwork Success”