The 8 Most In-Demand IT Jobs In 2017

Though the economy of many countries remain stagnant, the field of information technology and computer science continues to grow at an impressive rate. This growth is mainly due to the increasing use of technology in commercial and domestic settings. ‚ÄčAccording to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment rate for IT experts is expected to … Continue reading “The 8 Most In-Demand IT Jobs In 2017”

Most Promising Freelance Careers for Tech Lovers

Back in the old times of 9-5 jobs, with conventional schedules and even more common routines everything seemed to run smoothly; however, truth is that a good percentage of people sought their way out of the office for the most creative myriad of reasons: having children, comfort, avoiding public transport, feeling trapped at the office … Continue reading “Most Promising Freelance Careers for Tech Lovers”