5 Places to Get a Job after Graduation

“Just get through high school and your college life will be a bed of roses!” they said. “Just get through the final semester, find a job, and live the rest of your life happily!” they said. And here you are – a graduate looking for a job. What “they” don’t understand or fail to emphasize … Continue reading “5 Places to Get a Job after Graduation”

5 Most Effective Ways to Boost Your Career Prospects

Forty hours a week, fifty (or so) weeks per year is a big chunk of your life. That’s approximately the amount of time many of us spend working. Most of us will do this for about fifty years. No wonder job satisfaction is so important. Most people would likely agree that compensation and a sense … Continue reading “5 Most Effective Ways to Boost Your Career Prospects”

Career Development For Busy People

It’s human nature to want more from your career because people always strive for the best. It isn’t always possible to get more if you’re insanely busy. Whether the workload is too high or there is a work/life balance issue, you might not have the time to be better. On the face of it, this … Continue reading “Career Development For Busy People”

Struggling to Find a Job? Use These 6 Tips!

Nearly everyone has faced the challenge of job hunting, especially those who lack in experience when first starting out. There are many reasons why someone has trouble finding a job, and it may seem hopeless and impossible at times. Fortunately, there are tons of resources out there to help people find jobs, learn skills, and get … Continue reading “Struggling to Find a Job? Use These 6 Tips!”

How Volunteerism Can Help Your Company

As a Business Owner or an Employer you are a member of the community, you have a responsibility to have a presence within your community. You rely on the members of your community to support your business, and it’s important to give back when you can. An easy way to show you care is by … Continue reading “How Volunteerism Can Help Your Company”