3 Careers Not At the Risk of Automation

In the future, industrial automation will continue to decrease the need for human workers in the developed world. Jobs like trucking are slowly being transferred to self-driving trucks, as businesses can save a good deal of money on labor over the long term. Even white-collar careers such as the paralegal and clerical fields are highly … Continue reading “3 Careers Not At the Risk of Automation”

Breaking Stereotypes : 7 Secrets for Hiring The Best Female Developers

The problem of gender equality is a very old and important issue of the modern society. It was discussed for many years in the far past. Nowadays, it remains relevant as well. Many people claim that women are suitable for only a wide range of positions and should not take some high posts. Nevertheless, the … Continue reading “Breaking Stereotypes : 7 Secrets for Hiring The Best Female Developers”

The 8 Most In-Demand IT Jobs In 2017

Though the economy of many countries remain stagnant, the field of information technology and computer science continues to grow at an impressive rate. This growth is mainly due to the increasing use of technology in commercial and domestic settings. ​According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment rate for IT experts is expected to … Continue reading “The 8 Most In-Demand IT Jobs In 2017”

4 High-Demand Jobs for Tech Lovers

As more and more companies begin to rely on technology to complete daily business processes and improve efficiency, they need professionals to manage, develop, and implement all kinds of technology from large hardware to smaller software programs and web design. If you’re well-versed in technology, you can choose from a variety of potential career pathways; … Continue reading “4 High-Demand Jobs for Tech Lovers”

Respectable Jobs that Don’t Require 4 Year Degrees

Ever wonder if it’s possible to get a great job without investing time and money on a four-year degree? The answer is yes. Earning a bachelor’s degree is a commendable accomplishment and required for many positions, but it doesn’t guarantee a high-paying job. If you know what options are available, or have a passion for … Continue reading “Respectable Jobs that Don’t Require 4 Year Degrees”

Reasons Continuous Delivery Considered As Key For Success of Developer’s Career

Have you ever heard the word Continuous Delivery? It is an advanced software engineering approach that allows teams to create software in small cycles, making sure that the developed software can be released at any time. This is one such approach that mainly aims at developing, testing, and releasing software quickly and often. This approach … Continue reading “Reasons Continuous Delivery Considered As Key For Success of Developer’s Career”

Most Promising Freelance Careers for Tech Lovers

Back in the old times of 9-5 jobs, with conventional schedules and even more common routines everything seemed to run smoothly; however, truth is that a good percentage of people sought their way out of the office for the most creative myriad of reasons: having children, comfort, avoiding public transport, feeling trapped at the office … Continue reading “Most Promising Freelance Careers for Tech Lovers”

How To Become A Freelance WordPress Developer

It takes some doing to become a freelance WordPress developer. You need to spend a lot of time and energy getting the basics right as only then can you think of joining the domain. WordPress is a leading CMS (content management system) responsible for powering hundreds of thousands of websites and applications in the world.  … Continue reading “How To Become A Freelance WordPress Developer”

What Does It Take To Become A Web Developer?

Web development is quite a relatively new career path, and lots of people don’t understand how to get involved. However, most folks now realise it’s possible to earn a small fortune if you work for the best brands. With that in mind, we wanted to release a step-by-step guide that should help to dispel any … Continue reading “What Does It Take To Become A Web Developer?”