Why Work Samples are a Job Seekers Best Friend?

The best jobs are usually the most competitive. When interviewers need to determine a job candidate’s eligibility as concretely as possible, they will often request work samples.  It is legal for you to show work samples from prior employers as long as no trade secrets are disclosed. These are examples of past work which show … Continue reading “Why Work Samples are a Job Seekers Best Friend?”

5 Job Interviewing Tips For Introverts

Your resume is breath-taking, your cover letter is a work of art, and you’re the perfect fit for the position you’re applying for. However, if you’re an introvert, there’s one terrifying hurdle standing between you and a gainful employment: the job interview of course. You aren’t necessarily shy or socially anxious just because you’re an … Continue reading “5 Job Interviewing Tips For Introverts”

Engineers as Leaders: Is This the Time to Embrace Future Engineers?

Not too long ago, we discussed the things that make someone an impressive business leader. There are a few definite requirements that help separate good leaders from the impressive ones. With the market being as competitive as it is today, acquiring great leaders to help set the course of the company can be the defining … Continue reading “Engineers as Leaders: Is This the Time to Embrace Future Engineers?”

How to Dress For a Job Interview

Now that you’ve tossed the graduation cap into the air and the diplomas have been collected, it’s time to face the job hunt. After all the preparation you’ve put in (searching for open positions, and updating your resume), the last step is figuring out the best way to present yourself to a potential employer. Job … Continue reading “How to Dress For a Job Interview”

Want A Career Change With A Twist?

We all dream of being able to break out of our humdrum, everyday careers from time to time. But, for a lot of people, the thing that stops them from taking the leap is the idea that, no matter where they go, things are going to be the same. That every just has the same … Continue reading “Want A Career Change With A Twist?”

Your First Steps Into A Successful Event Management Career

Looking for new adventures that drift from the conventional 9-5 work shift? Perhaps there’s room for your talent in a creative but yet managerial field as Event Manager. Aside from just picking food and décor for different clients, Event Management as a career has many interesting aspects to consider that will make our route for … Continue reading “Your First Steps Into A Successful Event Management Career”

5 Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Job Interview

A job interview is usually an opportunity given to shortlisted candidates for a certain post to prove to the recruiter that they are the best for the position. However, one can make these 5 mistakes that can turn the chance into a nightmare. 1. Inadequate Preparation The best way to be sure of sailing through … Continue reading “5 Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Job Interview”

Employee Motivation Tactics that Work

Methods of motivation come in many shapes, forms, colors, creeds– perhaps not creeds, necessarily, but by the end of any motivational speech, ideally your team will be spirited enough that they’re prepared to enter into a group blood-pact to achieve it. Breach of HR conduct and safety aside, there’s nothing more fortified than a group … Continue reading “Employee Motivation Tactics that Work”