Impress The Boss By Empathising With Them

The best way to be better employee is to empathise with the boss and imagine life in their shoes. Running a business is tough. It is saturated with hard tasks, whether it is marketing, customer service, pleasing shareholders, increasing revenue and making those tough decisions. But despite all of this, one of the toughest tasks, … Continue reading “Impress The Boss By Empathising With Them”

Employee Motivation Tactics that Work

Methods of motivation come in many shapes, forms, colors, creeds– perhaps not creeds, necessarily, but by the end of any motivational speech, ideally your team will be spirited enough that they’re prepared to enter into a group blood-pact to achieve it. Breach of HR conduct and safety aside, there’s nothing more fortified than a group … Continue reading “Employee Motivation Tactics that Work”

Simple Office Upgrades for Enhanced Work Performance

It’s hard to determine what makes a business productive. It’s a mix of motivation provided by the management team and the environment in which the work is done. This means both the gadgets and utilities a company possess and interaction between coworkers. The former part of this equation often gets overlooked, because it seems like … Continue reading “Simple Office Upgrades for Enhanced Work Performance”

Roads towards a Perfect Startup Office

Starting a startup office is an exciting time for you. You have managed to evolve your entrepreneurial idea and you are ready to finally move from your home office. However, finding the right real estate for the office is only a first step towards the perfect startup office. There are plenty of other aspects to … Continue reading “Roads towards a Perfect Startup Office”

5 Ways To Avoid A Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Injury At Work

If your job has you sitting in front of the computer screen, using repetitive hand tools or driving all day, you may be at increased risk for developing Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) – an extremely painful hand and wrist condition caused by excessive compression of the wrist’s primary nerve. With most of the surgeries performed … Continue reading “5 Ways To Avoid A Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Injury At Work”

Keeping Your Workplace Clean and Tidy: Why does it matter?

Most people spend a significant portion of their lives at work. Whether you love what you do or you’re less than thrilled with your current occupation, the state of organization in your workspace can have a lot of impact on you and those around you. Since so much of your life is spent at work, … Continue reading “Keeping Your Workplace Clean and Tidy: Why does it matter?”

The Benefits of Workplace Flexibility

Are you ready to join your new workplace? That’s great! Then, now it’s time learn about the company from the testimonials and anticipates the work culture, good and bad both! Because nothing is complete without good and bad. To choose a place to work, one of the most important factors is job flexibility. We will … Continue reading “The Benefits of Workplace Flexibility”

Tips to Make Employee Scheduling Easier

Many businesses rely on a mixture of full and part-time staff working varying shift patterns. Scheduling around your employees’ personal commitments, managing ad-hoc changes and requests, as well as the general day-to-day running of a company can be difficult no matter the size of your business and can quickly consume much of your time. Most … Continue reading “Tips to Make Employee Scheduling Easier”

How to Be More Efficient at Work

Times have changed and so are the ways in which the efficiency and credibility of an individual are tested and looked upon, while analyzing a person’s capacity and outlook at work. While the Japanese regard sleeping at work as an attribute of an employee, since they think that the employee has actually worked so hard … Continue reading “How to Be More Efficient at Work”

10 Tips to Reduce Chronic Employee Tardiness

Much of the working world is about meeting expectations. Employees expect to have stable work and decent pay and working conditions. Employers expect employees to arrive to work on time, ready to be productive. Yet, why is it that more and more employees take a lackadaisical stance when it comes to chronic tardiness? Employee tardiness … Continue reading “10 Tips to Reduce Chronic Employee Tardiness”