6 Health Benefits of Standing Desks

Standing desks refers to the work desks that allow you to work while standing at your ‘desk job’ rather than sitting at it. Last few years have seen multiple debates on whether standing is a better option when it comes to working in an office or is it sitting that produces better results for an … Continue reading “6 Health Benefits of Standing Desks”

Not Offering These Benefits May Cause You To Lose Top Talent

While you put a lot of energy into finding the ideal candidate for an open position, you might be missing something even more important: retaining and attracting top talent through the benefits that you offer. Just like you’re interviewing qualified candidates to see if they’re a good fit for your company, they are also interviewing … Continue reading “Not Offering These Benefits May Cause You To Lose Top Talent”

6 Tips to Handle Challenges at the Workplace

“Challenges are opportunities in disguise.” You may have heard it already. Lines like that are great for Ted Talks, because in reality, when a problem arises, most of us lose our mind and do something that worsens the problem even more. Well, we all encounter multiple challenges at work every day, and while some of … Continue reading “6 Tips to Handle Challenges at the Workplace”

8 Surprising Stats about Corporate Learning Will Blow Your Mind

Corporate training seems to be the key to business development – the topic is currently in the spotlight, and different methods are being developed. However, what kind of effect does it have on learners? Does it actually pay off? What can corporate learning do for your business? All of these questions didn’t have precise answers … Continue reading “8 Surprising Stats about Corporate Learning Will Blow Your Mind”

9 Clever Ways To Become More Productive At The Office

The typical work-day is never-ending. It seems as soon a worker accomplishes one task; two more urgent matters have made their way to the desk which pushes back other duties. Productivity is always on the minds of business owners, management teams, and staff as a lack of productivity is revenue potential wasted.   In 2018, … Continue reading “9 Clever Ways To Become More Productive At The Office”

3 Better Ways For An HR Manager To Handle Workplace Issues

Handling workplace issues is a tricky job. Are you able to resolve them invariably? No, right? No one really can! If you think the job of an HR manager is to hire or fire employees only, then you are wrong, my friend! He/she has to handle all the situations that relate to the humans of the … Continue reading “3 Better Ways For An HR Manager To Handle Workplace Issues”

Your Guide To Employee Service Recognition

If your organization lacks a formal employee service recognition program, this might be the most opportune time to start one. A growing number of businesses understand that, while it’s always good to recognize an employee’s years of service, other key growth-related reasons justify creation of a formal, ongoing recognition program:   Creating a strong company … Continue reading “Your Guide To Employee Service Recognition”

The FTSE 100 Boardroom Gender Gap

In 2011, an independent government review recommended that all UK FTSE 100 companies aim to have at least 25% of their board members be female by 2015. Three years on from that date, and with International Women’s Day just around the corner, serviced apartments provider SilverDoor have carried out research into the FTSE 100 to see just … Continue reading “The FTSE 100 Boardroom Gender Gap”