The Power Behind Using the Right Words To Advance Your Career

It is not really the pen itself that is mightier than the sword, but rather the words it writes. Words hold an undeniable power, and choosing the right ones can take you far.

If you are looking for a way to advance your career, consider the following reasons why simply being thoughtful about the words you use can be one of the most effective ways to gain the attention of your superiors and advance through the ranks at your workplace.

Why is it so Important to use the Right Words in Your Career?

The Power Behind Using the Right Words To Advance Your Career

Everything you do communicates something to those around you. The people that surround us are constantly receiving and interpreting the information we give them and using that information to form and adjust their opinions of us.

While there are a lot of ways to communicate to the people you work with, from your body language to your actions to your work itself, the words you choose to use are going to do more to shape their thoughts of you than anything else you do.

Like it or not, how we are perceived has everything to do with how quickly we advance in our careers. If the words you are using cause you to be perceived by your superiors harsh, uneducated, unconfident or any number of negative characteristics, chances are you are going to have a difficult time advancing in your career.

On the other hand, if the words you use and things you say cause those around you to perceive you as intelligent, friendly, decisive, and other positive traits, advancing in your career will suddenly be much easier than it was before.

Granted, hard work and excellent performance are still irreplaceable, and simply saying the right thing cannot substitute for these two factors. When you combine these things with the right words, though, the results can be incredible.

Self-Esteem and Powerful Words in the Workplace

The Power Behind Using the Right Words To Advance Your Career

All too often, people feel that bragging about themselves and building themselves up is the best way to get others to like them, when, in reality, the most-liked people rarely talk about themselves at all. Instead, they focus on building up other people’s self-esteem

If you can make people feel good about themselves, they’re going to like you. They’re going to want to be around you and their perception of you is going to be almost entirely positive, even if they know almost nothing about you except for how you make them feel about themselves.

Best of all, if you can raise other people’s self-esteem while demonstrating a high level of self-esteem and confidence yourself, you will be liked even more and be seen as a leader.

When at the workplace, always try to avoid being condescending and critical. If you do have to criticize something, make it constructive criticism that is packaged in soft words meant to boost self-esteem rather than tear it down.

In addition to being light with criticism, compliment and offer verbal rewards every chance you get. So long as they are genuine, people will remember these things for much longer than you would ever expect. A single compliment has the power to change a person’s entire day, and, depending on what it is, it could very well be something that they carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Boosting the self-esteem of those you work with is a fast-track to making yourself the most liked person at your workplace, and well-liked people are far more likely to advance in their careers.

It’s important to note here, though, that these compliments and kind words must always be heartfelt and genuine. People can easily tell an insincere compliment when they hear one, and no one likes a suck-up. Instead of trying to simply flatter those you work with, develop a positive attitude about them and that positive attitude will reflect in the words you speak to them.

Lastly, in addition to boosting the self-esteem of those you work with, you will want to demonstrate a high self-esteem yourself. Use words and phrases that make you sound bold and confident. Confidence is one of the most attractive traits in an employee, and employers will take notice.

Powerful Words are Associated with a Successful Career

The Power Behind Using the Right Words To Advance Your Career

Advancing in a career is often all about standing out from the crowd in a positive way, and the right words can make you do that. In your work-related writing, make use of dynamic, powerful words that go beyond what the average person would put into an email or report, and when speaking to your coworkers and superiors use language that contains powerful words and phrases that will get their attention.

Use words and phrases that show passion, education, and strength. Make use of bold words that leave no doubt about your confidence in your abilities.

For example, you might describe your experience as “extensive”, your interest level as “passionate” and your qualifications as “extremely well-qualified’.

Don’t be afraid to be bold in your exclamations when vying for a promotion. Employers want to see that you are confident in your abilities to handle the position you are trying to attain, and the right words and phrases can demonstrate that confidence.

So, what are your powerful words?

Using what you say to your advantage boils down to two things: making the people you work with like you and painting yourself as a confident leader well-suited to advance within the company that you work for.

If you can manage to speak in a way that highlights your own positive traits and rewards  the positive traits of those around you, you will be able to completely alter your perception within your workplace and earn the attention and respect of your superiors.

In this way, paying attention to what you say (and how you say it) is one of the most powerful things that you can do to advance your career. This, when combined with hard work and dedication, is a sure-fire formula for success.

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Kolyanne Russ is an Accounting Manager and a founder of Pinch of Attitude blog. It focuses on attitude development, self-improvement and life philosophy to help people draw the right action plan and achieve a desirable balance between success and happiness.

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