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Wouldn’t be it excellent to fly through your checklist of things to do every day with minimal effort?

Whether it’s an assignment that is pending at your workplace or the things that you need to finish in your personal life, it’s not uncommon to think like everything is piling up while you’re barely making a dent ticking things off on your check-list. But, it’s just because you haven’t worked on enhancing your productivity yet.

Now with these 10 highly useful tips given by this article, you will not only able to get the thing done but also get them done quickly and more efficiently and 10X your productivity.

1. Set a Timer

The Productivity Cycle

If you have multiple tasks to finish, you need to have the estimation of time that you need to handle all the tasks and set a timer for each of the tasks. The best part of setting a timer for your work is that it can help you to stay on works and avoid distractions. You can use one of the well-know android apps for getting a timer for this purpose.

Here are the five ways how time can enhance your overall productivity:

1. Helps You Focus on a Single Thing

A timer set for work creates the expectation that for this time, you are going to work on the only thing. It helps you to stay on the task with the best level of concentration until the job is done.

2. Creates The Sense Of Discipline

Can you stick to a task even for 20 minutes? Or even 1o minutes? How about making it a challenge and stick to it until the time is over? Practicing this habit will not only enhance your productivity but at the same time, it will also increase your persuasion and make you more disciplined.

3. Drives Productivity

When you build the habit of completing a task within a specific time, it will automatically enhance your overall productivity of work.

4. Gives You The Momentum

No matter how tough or unappealing the task is, when you know that you have limited time in your hand, you can get started almost immediately, and once you get the momentum, you will want to continue.

5. Block Interruption

Use your time to stop different types of interruption even before they get started. Whether your phone is ringing, have received a mail or text message or someone is knocking at your door, they can all wait until your set time is ended.

2. Stay Away From The Distractions

Workplace Distractions That Kill Productivity

Distraction is the direct enemy of productivity.

You sit down at your work desk to finish a work which requires 5 hours, and you have eight hours in your hand to finish the job. Also, you feel excellent thinking about how nice it will be to leave work earlier and spend some quality time with your friends or family. You have already opened Facebook to take a quick look at your feed.

The next thing you know, you look up the clock and realize that you have already spent good 3  hours checking your friend’s posts. Watching cool YouTube videos and retweeting your favorite celebrities.

Suddenly, your “free time” is just vanished. Now you have no option but to stay late at the office to finish the job.

You are not the only one to experience this situation. If you know how to identify and eliminate the major distractions in your work life, you will be able to achieve more productivity, free time, and happiness. The significant disturbances in your workplace include-

1. Social Media

Social media is one of the substantial time sinks in most American’s life, so it’s worth discussing, According to the recent studies, an average person wastes 3.2 hours on social media regularly- that’s more than 21 hours a week. It’s more than half of the ordinary workweek. Now think about all the important things that you could do with over 21 extra hours in a week.

How to avoid it: You don’t have to delete your social media accounts as this is not a viable option. You can disable your social media notification during the working time so that you can stay away from the constant distracting social media notifications.

2. Texting, Messaging, and Snapchatting

It seems that responding to a Snapchat message of one is just a simple affair, but the truth is that things never get limited within one or two messages.

How to avoid it: Simple, enable the “airplane” mode during your working time.

3. Urgent Emails

You get multiple emails during your working time, and you keep replying to those emails in between your work timing.  The truth is almost eight out of ten emails are not vital for you and your objective. So, there’s a point in wasting time by checking emails every time.

How to avoid it:

You should check emails twice a day only- first in the morning before starting the work and then, a couple of hours before leaving the work. Reply only to the emails that are important to your goals and agenda of the day.

4. Talking With Co-workers:

Workplace Distractions Survey

Your co-workers might love you a lot, but when it comes to being productive, your co-workers often harm than good. Have you counted the times you get interrupted by a co-worker who comes to your desk for a friendly chat without even realizing he/she is causing you the distraction at work?

How to avoid it: you can politely say that you are working on an important which requires your uncluttered attention. You are going to have a conversation during lunchtime or after work.

5. Multi-tasking

 truth is the human brain is not designed for multitasking. And no, you are not an exception to it. If you want to make up for the hours of lost productivity and get more job done in less time, you should quit multi-tasking as it will give you more work-life balance at the end of the day.

How to avoid it: set a time for each task you do, and your main objective should be to finish each task within the same time constraint.

3. Find Out Your Major Productive Hours of Work

Managing Energy Levels

Everyone has a particular span of hours a day when they feel more productive than others. This time varies from person to person. So, you should find your productive hours and optimize your work schedule according to this time.

This particular schedule will help you bring out the best productivity from you.

4. Write Down Everything And Then Do It

Write down everything. Whether it’s something that’s been stressing you out, a small phone call, clearing the junk text message from your inbox or, even a very insignificant task that has been occupying your to-do list for a long time- jot everything down on a paper and, spend the next hour checking off as many things as you can.

By taking a specific time to zone in on these tasks, you will not only be feeling relaxed but also it will save you from spending more time finishing later.

5. Listen to Music That Gives Boost to Your Productivity

While music at working hours considered to distraction, but sometimes, soft background music in the background can help you to focus more on an important job.

Of course, it doesn’t need to be heavy-metal music, but a bit of Beethoven or country music would do fine. If you search online for productivity-enhancing music, you will find many lists of music.

Music and Productivity Infographic

6. Make Yourself Accountable

It works best at the gym, but it also works great in enhancing your productivity at work. When someone is counting on you to do something, you’ll most likely do it without any hesitation.

So, next time when you have something important to finish, tell someone you are close with. Not only will you have to get it done, but you will get it done quicker.

7. Prioritize Your Tasks Ahead of Time

List all the tasks of the day in the proper order of importance. It will help you to ensure that you finish all the essential tasks during the day.

Top Time Management Skills

8. Reward Yourself for Finishing a Big Task

No matter whatever you do, staying motivated is very important. To stay motivated for the tasks that you do, you need to reward yourself now and then.

You should keep a tab on your small wins, even milestones also and celebrate them.

9. Workout Regularly

Multiple research and studies have stated that midday exercises can give a healthy boost to your productivity and morale in the workplace.

Take a short walk after completing your lunch or do some simple stretches during your break to maximize your productivity.

The Benefits Behind Workplace Workouts

10. Know-How  To Say “No”

You can do everything in a single day, so it’s better to say “No” sometimes as it will help you to save time.

Saying no to doesn’t mean that you have to be rude, instead, you can say ‘No” very politely.

So, there you go. Now, you might have become familiar with the ways to enhance your productivity, so it’s time to incorporate these tips in your life and make your days more productive and fruitful

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