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Honesty is certainly the best policy. However, being way too honest in the workplace can put your job at risk. There are always a few exceptions.

According to career experts, no matter how casual a relationship you share with your boss, there are certain things that you should avoid saying in front of him. You can always find alternate ways to express yourself if you are stuck in a situation that goes against your nature or will.

You need to be very careful with what you say to your manager at your workplace because even the slightest blunder can make or break your career. There are certain things you should hold back from saying to your manager no matter what. The aim should be to ignore the little things while interacting.

Make sure you know how to communicate in a professional manner. Before uttering something that you might probably regret in future, a good practice is to pause a little and think what you are actually trying to accomplish and what can be the possible reaction of your boss.

Knowing how to communicate professionally and what to say to your boss plays an important role in your professional career. Career experts say that even your way of writing e-mails can make or break your job.

Therefore, we’ve compiled here a detailed list of the phrases or sentences that you should never say to your boss:

1. “I don’t know”

Whenever your boss inquires you about something or asks you a question, never say “I don’t know” as it shows you are least interested in the question asked. Even if you don’t have an answer at that time, make your best guess about it or promise to find out the answer later and then work on it.

2. “No, I can’t do that”

Saying a direct “no” creates a negative perception in mind of your boss, especially when you say it in a blunt manner. For example, if your boss asks you to complete a certain task, do not say only a “No.” Instead, phrase it appropriately with a polite explanation of why you won’t be able to do the task.

Moreover, organizations prefer a can-do attitude. Simply saying “I can’t do it” shows that you lack the self-belief and, therefore, affects your reputation in the eyes of your boss. It also shows that you’re not willing to take a challenge even if you’re being honest at that time.

3. “That’s not the part of my job. I have other priorities to look after.”

Avoid saying statements like “This is not my job” or “That is not my priority” in front of your boss. This shows that either you’re not serious about your work or you don’t care about the company’s priorities.

Not willing to go beyond your role also shows that you’re not likely to grow professionally. Refusing a task straightaway will only put your position at risk. You should instead ask your boss for help to prioritize the tasks without being offensive at all.

4. “You should give me a raise/that project/ that title…”

Never ever say phrases like these to your boss as they sound way too childish and senseless too. It sounds like you’re a little kid demanding his choice of toys. If you really feel that you deserve a raise or a promotion or an increment in your salary, or some other deserving job title, use a rather mutual, problem-solving and discussing tone.

5. “I’ll try.”

You should never say things like “I’ll try…” or “I’ll attempt to do that…” to your boss because it will leave your boss in an uncertain situation. This might be considered as an acceptable response in our daily life because we all “try” to get our tasks completed to our maximum, but it’s not appropriate to use in a professional setting.

Imagine how would you feel if you ask your boss that will you be getting your paycheck on the 10th of the month, and your boss replies that he will TRY?

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