I am a heavy user of Google Chrome, and I am always on the look out for applications and extensions that would make my Chrome experience more delightful.

But one thing I always look for are apps and tools that would make me more productive – help me get more done (without distractions).

That’s when I was introduced to the Momentum Extension for Google Chrome.

So what is Momentum?

This awesome Chrome App helps me get more done

It is a Personal Dashboard that shows up every time you open a new Google Chrome tab or window. It is free to install on Google Chrome.

The Momentum app contains

  1. An inspirational background (usually excellent nature shots)
  2. A place to type your Main Focus Activity for the day
  3. A To-do list
  4. An inspirational quote

This awesome Chrome App helps me get more done

Here’s why I find this extremely useful

1. Your Main Focus – Every time you open the new tab or new window on Google Chrome – your main focus for the day is always in your face. You know what your Number 1 priority for the day is and this will help you focus. Sometimes the day gets to you and you lose track of what you are working on. This constant reminder allows you to get back to what is important. No matter how many tasks you have, there is always one thing that is the focus of the day. And it is great to get a reminder every now and then.

2. The Time There is something about having to see the clock ticking right in your face. This reminds you that time is finite, and you have very little time to waste. Sometimes, I just take a moment to check my text messages and that moment actually ends up being 15 minutes. Distractions are very common in the workplace (thanks to technology). Scarcity of time is an extremely powerful motivator.

3. Your To-do list – No matter how many books or articles you have read about Productivity – the famous to-do list is always mentioned. Writing down your tasks for the day and scratching them off as they are completed has a positive effect. It gives you a sense of accomplishment. It gets you into a good rhythm of working.

To-do list

In case you are unable to finish few tasks on your to-do list for the day – they show up on your dashboard the next day you sign in. You don’t need to scramble or search for your paper notes. Never worry about forgetting your to-do list of yesterday.

4. A Motivational QuoteNo need to subscribe by email to a Quotes Website or go to Twitter to get quick inspiration & motivation – this app does it for you. Each day there is a new quote. Checking out Inspirational quotes day-to-day improves the motivation of an individual and assists them to take activity towards exactly what they want.

5. A Cool Background – There is something soothing about looking at a gorgeous shot – especially a natural beauty – either a mountain or field of flowers. Research has proved that looking at nature shots can help reduce stress, alleviate the mood and also reduce pain.

You can also add Links of your favourite sites right on the page. Also you can use the Search Tool on the top left hand corner, which will up the search results.

I have been using The Momentum Dashboard for the past few weeks, and I can assure you that my productivity has skyrocketed. I am mostly focussed and this app keeps me accountable. I have completely got rid of paper for writing down my to-do lists, and also stopped checking my email for motivational quotes.

I strongly encourage you to check this Chrome Extension out – install it for free , use it and see how it affects your work. I am convinced it will boost your productivity.

Now install the app and get to work!!

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Nissar Ahamed is the Founder & CEO of CareerMetis.com. He is also the host of The Career Insider Podcast and the co-host of The C.A.R.E. Podcast

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