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The following are seven specific actions that you should take today to create a more agile, more resilient, and faster business. 

1. Create Focus

It can be easy to become distracted by an extensive list of priorities and daily distractions and emergencies that arise unexpectedly onto your schedule. 

Focus can be created by paring your priorities down to a short and concise list of only three or four that you absolutely need to complete. As each item is completed, another can be added to your list of priorities. 

2. Communicate a Clear and Compelling Vision of the Future You Are Planning 

If you would like your team members to get to the place where you would like them to go and when you would like them to arrive then you need to provide them with a compelling and clear vision of your planned future. 

The better your team can understand your big-picture goals, the faster they can make the best decisions for your business. 

3. Hire the Best People and Get Them Deployed in the Most Effective Manner  

Amanda Setili says that to be agile, you need employees who are all aligned with your values and vision and who can develop or already have the necessary capabilities for success. 

That means you definitely need to have the right people in your company’s right positions with everyone pulling in the same direction together. This is why outsourced HR services can help bring in the right staff.

Business Colleagues Using Laptop in Office

4. Set the Right Example 

You are the leaders and need to set the example you want your team members to follow. 

Communicate often and widely, and be transparent and honest. Set a high bar, and your team will follow you. 

5. Enhance Autonomy

Your organization can’t be agile and fast if people need to run to you constantly or to senior members of your management team each time necessary to make a decision. 

Send autonomy and decision-making authority down the chain of command and provide your employees with control over how their work is done. 

6. Plan for the Unexpected

Wise leaders build flexibility into their budgets and other processes to quickly accommodate changes within their business environments. 

Although the unexpected is unpredictable by its very nature, organizational culture can be developed that quickly develops when an unexpected event occurs. 

7. Get Continuous Innovation Implemented 

Businesses that fail to innovate will be left behind very quickly. Instead of occasionally rolling out new and innovative services and products, they continuously enhance and improve them in real-time. 

Both your bottom line and customers will benefit from them.

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