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Many people want to work for Google, and it’s easy to understand why.

This post on Reddit triggered me to write the article:

With billions of dollars in revenue every year, Google never hesitates to spend much more than usual to attract and retain the most talented people they can find.

Google employees can enjoy free gourmet food, subsidized massages, free haircuts, free laundry and dry cleaning, free medical and dental checkups, and almost any benefit any employee can ask for.

Not to mention the fact that Google employees already receive some of the highest average salaries in the technology industry.

According to Glassdoor, Google is the fifth-largest company in the United States. However, to get one of these high-paid jobs, you have to be strategic about it – especially if you’ve just graduated from high school and have a low GPA.

Google is known for its robust hiring process. However, lately, the company has devalued test scores as well as GPA, which has long been a critical tool for filtering out talented job candidates.

Google is famous for asking everyone for a transcript, GPA, and test scores. However, they don’t do it anymore unless you’ve only studied for a few years. They’ve found that they do not predict anything.

However, Google will still sometimes request and view GPA as part of the hiring process. That’s why it’s always a good idea to calculate your GPA.

If you graduated from college or applied for an internship, your GPA will matter more in the hiring process.

However, there are things you can do to stand out from the pack without having a high GPA.

1. Build Up Your Coding Skills (If Applying for an Engineering Job)

GPA is only one of the general criteria needed for a coding job. When you are just getting started, the most important thing is how well you can interpret the code.

Think of various ways you can improve your coding. You can take online courses or download different coding programs to practice and improve your skills. Once your skills have improved, the chances of getting hired are higher.

So, if you want to be noticed, spend your time coding on open-source projects because that’s the most relevant working experience you would also have at Google.

Spend your time coding, impress them by your achievements, and you will be called for an interview, just like Jessica Su, who spent 600 hours on algorithms before being noticed by a big company.

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2. Get Professional Experience

With the right hands-on experience, it may not even matter if you have no university degree at all.

Of course, having a good degree always helps. However, the right experience and skills can impress them enough for you to get a job.

Don’t wait around, go to conferences, and start networking with people.

Conferences are all about meeting people. Therefore, prepare a list of who you are aiming for. Google employees often speak at conferences, and they’re usually approachable. Talk to them after their presentation and impress them with your top achievements and professional attitude.

There is no better way to get into a company than to be recommended. Therefore, becoming friends with a current Google employee is one of the many approved strategies.

3. Don’t Apply Externally Through the Company Website

Instead of applying externally, the best way to get an interview with Google is through an internship, campus placement, or referrals.

If, for example, you need to apply externally through the company’s website, your chances of getting an interview are not very good.

4. Reach Out Directly to a Google Recruiter

If you are trying to get a job with Google, it is recommended that you try to contact your Google recruiter directly. This way, you have a better chance of being seen and considered for the job. They are specially trained to recruit people to work at Google.

“I had two Google interviews (both failed)… …but I got them.” I got the first one by going to LinkedIn and emailing Google Recruiters. I sent three emails, and one responded.

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5. Develop a Specialty and Become What Google Calls a “T-Shaped” Person

The concept of T-skills or T-people is a metaphor used in hiring to describe the abilities of workers.

The vertical line on the letter T represents the depth of relevant skills and knowledge in one area. Whereas, the horizontal line represents the ability to collaborate in various disciplines with experts in other fields, as well as to apply knowledge in other areas of expertise than one’s own.

6. Don’t Mention Your GPA on Your Resume If It’s Too Low

We all know that Google doesn’t care about GPA if the Engineer is good enough. However, when HR compares your resume to thousands of other resumes, you don’t want anything in your resume that is not your strength. Having a low GPA, in some ways, hurts your chances.

Instead, list all the skills you have acquired. This includes any courses you have taken in your area of specialization, which makes you more marketable.

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However, Google, more than anything, values people an entrepreneurial spirit and practical experience, people who have faced many challenges while developing a startup. This kind of expertise lets people enter the TL5 and upper levels, instead of the standard L3 or L4.

7. Wait Until You Have Been Out of School for More Than Three Years

If you apply within three years after graduation for job, Google will ask for your transcripts and GPA, and it will be permanently on their electronic records used by Google recruiters.

However, if you expect to apply after three years after graduation and do not volunteer them, they have been known not to ask for it.

8. Juice up Your Resume With a List of Other Activities

The most challenging thing is to pass the resume selection process. It’s better to have something other than a GPA on your resume. They get over 3,000 resumes a day and can’t interview everyone.

When you apply for a job on Google, you will want to sell yourself and your skills as much as possible. Therefore, it is recommended that you list all potential activities.

These activities may include work experience, courses completed, or even projects in which you have been involved in. The more information on your resume, the more impressions you’ll make.

About two million people around the world are trying to get a job at Google every year, and that shows that even the biggest corporations can be tremendous and employee-friendly. Not to mention all the extraordinary and the most talented co-workers who will surround you every single day.

So, work hard, share your knowledge with open source communities, build a great resume, and one day you will get that personal call for an interview.

9. Showcase Your Engineering Skills

If you can, have some proof that you are a fantastic engineer that you can present. You will be more appealing to hire. It is also good to have some physical evidence of what you do. This way, they can see what you say you can do, you do.

You can also impress Google recruiters if you have done exciting work at another tech company. It could be either a startup or a big tech organization. If the results influence them, you can be invited to work straight at the TL5 level instead of L3.

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10. Have a Track Record of Open Source Projects

Maybe everyone is trying to cheer you up, but the reality is that if you don’t have a pretty impressive track record in open source projects, it is unlikely for you to be successful.

By the way, this isn’t just about a job at Google. Once you get more experience and have several impressive projects, grades are less important. Through your plans, they can see clearly what you are capable of.

To Sum It Up

Many people want to work at Google, and it’s not hard to understand why.

With billions of dollars in revenue every year, Google never hesitates to spend much more than usual to attract and retain the most talented people they can find.

Google employees already enjoy some of the highest average wages in the technology industry.

You can also become a part of those employees, regardless of your GPA, if you consider the tips discussed in this article to get a job at Google.

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Dmitrii Borodin is the CEO and founder of GRIN tech – a full-service digital agency doing design, marketing, and development alongside white-label agency & media outreach solutions.

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