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Marketing a brand is one of the most critical aspects of acquiring new customers. No matter how successful your previous campaign was, marketing must be done repeatedly but consciously. While business promotion is one of the highly-budgeted affairs of most firms, it does not have to be expensive. 

On the other hand, online marketing is not an easy task. It involves putting together an intricate network of knowledge using an array of skill sets. Let alone Search Engine Optimization; there are a lot of aspects to consider for an entrepreneur to reach their target audience successfully.

Not every marketer can meet the budgetary requirements set the right online marketing strategies.

However, there are a few low-budget marketing methods that might pack a punch powerful enough to steer your startup to the top. It is important to note that the techniques require in-depth knowledge in the respective areas.

They are, however, among the best skills you can adopt to spare you tens of thousands of dollars when marketing your brand through agencies.

1. Utilize the Power of Social Media

According to research by Pew Research Center Report of Social Media Usage from 2005-2015, nearly two-thirds of all American adults currently use social media. Utilize the potential of popular media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and Snapchat reach out to your target audience.

It is, however, essential for a marketer to note that each of the platforms provides a unique way of engaging. It would be wise to master a few first and spread your brand through more channels as you expand. 

While social media is a giant online marketing channel that is quite budget-friendly, you will need influencers and power users to make traction in your marketing campaign. It also requires in-depth know-how of online behavior.

However, you might want to begin by investing in your product’s visibility. As long as time is spent on the right fundamentals to get the message across to your audience, it is money well spent. 

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2. Blogging

Blogs can take years to catch the attention of your target audience. It is, nevertheless, not only a cost-effective way of marketing but also an excellent means to reach a vast swath of people. Blogs do require persistence, passion, and t say the least, an inherent comprehension of the subject matter and an ability to connect to an audience through your words. 

You will need to convey critical information and deliver an enormous amount of value in your content to become a successful blogger in the long term. As long as you can keep your audience engaged by providing real value information, you can expect to build your blog quicker. 

Once yours has become a noteworthy blog, you can automate your sales and make quite a handsome income from this single adventure. Blogging might take time to reach your target audience, but it is cost-effective and worth your while.

3. Email Marketing

Email marketing is not only one of the cheapest marketing options, but also one of the most fruitful time investments. Success in email marketing is, however, not a walk in the park. You need to link the correct clients to your website, and it is not as simple as it sounds. 

You could use infographics or online tutorials to build compelling content and attract customers to sign up for your email newsletter. You still have work ahead after customers sign up for your email list. You have to share useful information periodically while sharing deals and offers to your products. 

To be effective in your email campaign, you will have to harness the skill of writing compelling sales copy. This will have to be learned over a period. As long as you keep your customer’s concern ahead of each move, you will succeed over time. It just won’t happen overnight. 

4. Search Engine Optimization

Any webmaster that is serious about online marketing knows the significance of search engine optimization. You could make significant steps in the online market if you mastered the world of SEO, irrespective of your industry. If SEO is harnessed correctly, there is no limit to the amounts of traffic you will be sent to your website.

As SEO is essential in online marketing, it is equally challenging to master. Believe me, SEO is one of the most tedious undertakings in online marketing. However, it is very budget-friendly. By mastering this field, the internet can quickly become a gold mine for any brand. Virtually any product or service can bring money to your pocket with the right SEO. 

5. Seminar and Presentations

If you have an expertise that could be of value to someone else and add a few bucks in your wallet, then why not use seminars or presentations as you market your product? For instance, a carpet business can use free seminars to teach carpet installation techniques for different flooring. On online workshops, participants are often offered special discounts on carpets or floor lamination services. Be creative with your seminar and make sure you provide value to the consumer, and your product is bound to get a higher reputation in the market. 

You could also create video tutorials to teach people to fix their bike gears at home if you are a mechanic while you promote brake pads etc. That is, especially if you are terrified of public speaking. 

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6. Content Marketing

Content marketing is a popular method to reach a target audience with a limited budget. It is often done via popular authority sites such as LinkedIn, SlideSharwe.net, Quora.com, and Medium.com. 

Experts in content marketing call it attraction marketing. This is because you are delivering valuable information to consumers to attract them to your online presence and leverage popular authority sites to help you gain visibility immediately. 

Content marketing is one of the best techniques to get the word about your brand out there. This is especially true for people with brand new websites and little or no built-up authority in the form of links over a period.

7. Combine Guerilla Marketing with Online Marketing Tactics

In the place of a considerable budget, guerilla tactics have been known to improve business popularity. For instance, Sony agents asked strangers to take photos of them and used the images to build their brand’s presence. 

CocaCola also often uses this technique to reach out to their customers. It is both efficient and light on the pocket.

You could pay someone to paint an eye-catching art using chalk if you have a good brick and mortar location.

Images strangers take at this spot could be shared widely on social media platforms, building your brand’s name. You could also organize a flash mob (if your state laws allow you) and garner crowd attention to promote awareness about your brand. 

8. Contests and Promotions

From kids to older people, everyone loves gifts! You could offer free giveaways and fun items on your site to gain goodwill and build brand awareness. You do not have to give away expensive products.

Good ideas could be like ebooks, checklists, and white papers, which would cost you next to nothing but will interest a few visitors. 

Promote your contests through popular social media channels such as Facebook groups where you can engage with members and allow them to try your product for free or at a discount. In return, they could offer their honest review about your product and help you build on the product, and promote its merits further. 

Make your contests as creative and exciting as possible. One of the historic online challenges that went viral is the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. People who failed to honour a dare from their family friends to pour ice-cold water on themselves within 24 hours had to donate to the ALS charity. 

9. Referral Marketing

Most businesses fail during the first two years of their conception. If you do not want your brand to end up in the garbage, you have to put your emphasis on delivery of real value to the consumers. If you cannot deliver real value, you will not have any customers willing to refer you to their family members or friends. 

While referral marketing, also known as word-of-mouth advertising, can sometimes be slow, it is by the most effective and budget-friendly method of advertising your brand online. Link your customers to popular review sites such as TrustPilot, Yelp, or TripAdvisor, where they can post their honest review of your product.

However, you must only do this if you are sure your brand is most likely acceptable to the public and in good condition. Otherwise, the marketing technique could mean down-fall if you got negative reviews from most of your customers on authoritative review sites.

Hoping the technique works in your brand’s favour, you send a strong message that you deliver quality content to the industry. A show of customer trust and satisfaction is bound to bring in more

Creating a Video-Promote your Businessclients to your site in no time. 

10. Video Tutorials

Videos have quickly become a part of our online experience. Most advertisements have been organized into short infographics and gifs to build brands’ online presence.

If you intend to reach a broad audience, YouTube tutorials are a great place to start. You could teach your audience how to do something that he would otherwise require an expert to do. Create a high-quality video that will be easy for your audience to follow and learn from. 

Like other low-budget marketing techniques in this list, video tutorials could take a long time to build up an audience. However, if used together with a couple of other marketing methods, video tutorials offer an excellent method of drawing the right audience to your product. Whether it is a service, a product, or information, videos provide a unique way to promote your brand. 

11. Utilize Scalable Advertising Channels

Newspaper ads, TV, radio, and other conventional advertising mediums can be quite expensive and inefficient. However, firms can utilize popular online advertising options such as Google Pay Per Click ads and Facebook ads to get their brand names known. It is also essential to list your enterprise in free online directories such as Google Business for Yelp and Google Maps.

You can also use these cost-effective methods to promote your business:

  • A telephone promotion message for customers that are on hold.
  • Placing ads on letterheads and email signatures.
  • Offering special birthday and holiday coupons and discounts through your mail list.

12.  Promote Yourself by Helping Others

All your business marketing efforts should be geared towards helping your audience. There are plenty of ways you could make your advertisements helpful rather than annoying, like the majority of adverts on the internet. You could try these out:

1. Provide Assistance

You could use your expertise on a particular business topic to answer questions on authoritative websites like Quora. After expounding a subject for your audience, you could invite them to click on a link to your site for more information. There are plenty of online directories that will direct you to forums in your specific niche.

2. Provide Entertainment to Your Audience

Most of the time, people are just surfing through the internet to search for something exciting or funny. If you have a sense of humour and the right audience, touching ads are a popular way to get people talking about your product.

3. Educate Your Audience

You can provide your audience with solutions to common problems in the industry. For instance, you could advise firms on how to get higher sales on their product. You could host an online webinar or offer to speak at events.

This will position you as a solution people can depend on. You could quickly get your brand popular on online platforms by providing valuable information in various forums and social media groups.


It is possible to have a successful online marketing campaign with a limited budget for your business. It may, however, call for some heavy lifting in some instances.

Consistency, creativity, passion, and patience are all virtues you will need to apply somewhere along the way for your business. With the right attitude, motivation, and a bit of luck, you will be ranking high in no time.

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