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With the pandemic and the following lockdown, people are confined to the four walls of their homes. But, that should not hinder the learning process.

The evolution of digital educational platforms like coding bootcamps provide an opportunity for enthusiasts to upgrade their skills and progress. Today, it is a multi-million dollar industry. A unique thing about coding bootcamps is that they offer an intensive learning experience even though they are expensive. Some common examples are Codecademy or Massive Open Online Courses such as Coursera or edX. 

Moreover, graduates can earn a median salary rise of 51% or approximately $22,000 from their first job after participating in a bootcamp. According to reports, there are more than half a million vacancies in computer-related posts, whereas American universities produce 65,000 grads per year. Thankfully, with online technology and learning bootcamps, it is emerging as a potential alternative solution. 

What is Online Coding Bootcamp?

These are thorough, accelerated learning programs to teach digital skills to beginners such as Data Science, Full-stack web development, UX/UI design, and digital marketing. There are over hundreds of certification courses for freshers and experienced professionals. Since its launch in 2012, the industry has grown to become a 309-million-dollar sector, 171% phenomenal growth. Hybrid learning and the duration of respective courses are the leading factors that make this mode of learning so popular. 

These courses teach widely used programming languages and frameworks such as Python, Ruby or Rails, PHP, and JavaScript stacks. Courses are project-based. It requires students to implement their learning.

Students can build projects using fully functional programming applications, perform data analysis, and use dev tools. Of late, this model also specialized in modern digital skills such as Data Science, UX/UI, Cybersecurity, and others. 

Bootcampers graduate with a portfolio, online presence, skills to face interviews, and much more. When students graduate, they find a suitable internship matching their qualifications. Recent reports suggest that 83% of bootcamp alumni are employed in various programming jobs. 

What is Hybrid Learning?

Hybrid learning is a flexible, personalized, and engaging education model that leverages apps, games, audio, video, and other digital media to deliver a stress-free and in-depth learning experience. It is also called personalized learning or blended learning. These programs enable students to learn from anywhere, at any time, as per convenience. 

Coding Bootcamp

Why Choose an Online Coding Bootcamp?

Most of these programs are designed to cater to students having no experience in their field. Learners opt for coding courses to change their careers. Courses do not assume learners would have prior experience or knowledge in any field. Rather, they assist learners to develop foundational skills in coding languages and frameworks such as Python, PHP developer, and JavaScript. 

Aspiring professionals choose these courses for different reasons. For instance, computer science experts may prefer to learn more about the advanced developments in their fields. There may be professionals who want to pursue an opportunity out of personal interests.

However, learners usually enroll, as they want to learn a new skill set or improve career prospects. These courses are conducted online using asynchronous delivery for convenience and flexibility. Learners are free to work through the course at their pace, balance their study, and professional or social obligations. 

The environment is motivating for individuals who want to hone their skills, develop their projects, make a mark in cybersecurity, data science, and interface design. Beginning courses cover some foundational topics like CSS and HTML. As learners graduate to an advanced level, they may choose different courses to focus on depending on their goals. While some focus on mobile applications, others focus on back-end development. 

The average time to complete courses may vary. Most of these courses offer an intensive, accelerated route to graduation, and provide options for enrollment accommodating the needs of learners. While freshers find fast-paced bootcamps engaging and effective, professionals prefer slow pace and lengthy completion times.

Online coding bootcamps benefit from financial independence, lucrative earning, and a positive outlook. 

Should You Attend an Online Coding Bootcamp?

Aspiring candidates from all spheres of life can enroll and learn from these courses. Most of these courses are open to learners from different educational backgrounds. As per reports, while an average bootcamp student has professional experience, most students are fresher in coding and they do not hold a degree in this field. As such, most courses are designed to cater to new learners. 

College graduates with no work experience can benefit from these online courses. Coding skills sharpen critical thinking abilities. Hence, learners interested in logic, computer science, or mathematics would be the best fit for most programs. Some of these courses also collaborate with local universities and colleges to expedite this process. 

Learners with relevant industry experience can also take optimum advantage of online coding bootcamps. Programmers, coders, and developers are employed in every industry. There is a steady requirement for these professionals in the sectors of operational support and revenue. Information Technology and computer science are the key areas that benefit from them. However, they are in demand in other sectors as well. 

Professional coders are required in finance, agriculture, healthcare, retail, and design sectors – all non-technology industries. According to the CNBC report, data scientists, product managers, java developers, software engineers, and product managers are among the top five job positions for professionals demonstrating coding skills. With the help of these coding courses, learners can fill the positions. 

When you graduate from a reputed online coding bootcamp, it broadens your job perspectives and increases your value in the job market. It also providers learners with tangible skills that are highly in demand across the specific field or industry. As programming and coding evolve rapidly, there would always be a demand for professionals abreast of the latest and most advanced technology.

However, remember that these courses are not for casual learners. Coding boot camps are for serious and hungry individuals who want to acquire knowledge, have the passion and zeal to perform, and face challenges. 

Why Is Online Coding Bootcamp Important for Your Career?

During this ongoing global pandemic and the crisis, businesses are suffering huge losses. Students, on the other hand, are deprived of educational and training opportunities. However, digital platforms are a real savior even in these difficult times. It allows students to pursue their education and enable enterprises to continue their business through the digital medium, or eCommerce. It is helping millions earn their living. 

Taking optimum advantage of online coding bootcamp, professionals can take their careers ahead, learn new skill sets, and improve their chances of getting a good job even in this crisis. Some of the key benefits of this technology are:

  • Career Mobility When a business operates at its full capacity, it increases opportunities for career mobility. As a result, new skills would be in demand. Chances are that candidates can move ahead in the hierarchy to secure leadership positions. 
  • Graduate In Weeks Unlike traditional education, bootcamps provide learners with an opportunity to graduate within a few weeks. You would be ready to launch a career as a developer, programmer, data scientist, or even cybersecurity professional. 
  • Learn From The Best  Research reveals that highly qualified mentors contribute to online bootcamps. In these courses, you get one-on-one access to instructors and mentors, which is the key to learning. Mentors are highly committed to helping students with their valuable knowledge and advice for career development. 
  • Find Relevant Jobs and Boost Your Salary  Coding Bootcamp Alumni Outcomes & Demographics Reports of 2019 show that most of these graduates landed up with full-time employment and an average salary of $66,964. Some professionals also shifted to higher positions to get a median salary rise of $22,000, 51%. 
  • Develop Collaboration Skills At workplaces, developers and engineers collaborate to create new-age software and applications. Teamwork is one of the most important aspects of such a scenario. Online coding tools for kids enable that group development. It teaches people how to collaborate with others and work synergistically to achieve their goals. 
  • Structured Environment A structured environment is very important for learning. People trying to learn through a website or YouTube lose interest as it lacks the learning environment. The online learning environment is the perfect solution for guided learning. 

8 Tips to Boost Your Skills With Online Coding Bootcamps

Coding at Work

1. Find Your Reason to Code

The first and foremost thing is to understand why you want to join a coding bootcamp. Your vision and goals should be clear. Are you looking to expand your coding skills, for a new career, or it is your interest? Jot it down. Go through it daily to get into the depth of the course. When things get difficult, you would want to remember the goals and hit those inevitable obstacles. It would keep you focused. 

Obviously, as a learner, you want to create something innovative that grows knowledge even though the projects may not produce any result. However, treat it as a stepping stone towards a better future with intriguing projects to stay motivated in those instances. Develop something that could improve human life, something that is related to your areas of interest or job. You could build a game or a Spotify feature. Everything is possible. 

2. Learn a New Programming Language

As you begin coding, you would understand that there is a different language for your interest. The language comprises system talk, numbers, terminology, and acronyms created over the past two decades.

Being a part of a course like this makes you team up with others to learn a new language and jargon. Knowing the same would make it much easier to communicate. 

3. Change your Career

Just as online education, coding boot camps are full or flexible. The courses help students change the path of their career or progress in the present field. Many of these similar courses allow learners to specialize in a specific area like web development having a broader reach. Besides robust career opportunities, some bootcamps also offer a money-back guarantee if a graduate does not find a job within a certain period.

For example, CareerFoundry says that 96% of their eligible alumni get a tech job within 180 days of graduation. It also guarantees that graduates of the beginner programs find roles within six months or avail the money-back guarantee. 

4. Interact With Mentors and Team

Students enrolled in some of the most popular online coding bootcamps are allowed virtual access to instructors who train them and guide them with their queries. Besides, students are also assigned dedicated tutors to help them through the course by answering their queries, reviewing any assignments, and much more.

Communication is the key to such courses. Students can interact with the team virtually and develop a sense of community. According to experts, prospective self-paced students need to check their tutor’s availability across time zones. 

5. Learn Hands-on

If you do not have programming experience, you would be tempted to concentrate on intellectual learning, which is a vicious process. You would develop the habit of memorizing and regurgitating every coding definition and concept. It is possible to avoid this and change the focus and paradigm on visual and tactile learning.

When you join a virtual class and attend each day, you would be learning everything hands-on, i.e., by doing. You have to write the lines of codes. Test the codes. If the code does not work, you have to change it. Test again. Redo. If it works, you’ve mastered it. 

Learning Programming

6. Develop Problem Solving Skills

Programming is problem-solving. If you want to start learning any framework or language currently trending, you are on the wrong track. The purpose of coding is to solve problems using the best tools for that particular job. If you were focusing only on one language or framework, you would learn one way of solving problems.

Try learning multiple languages or frameworks. Try to adapt to different tools. That way, you would learn the core concepts of coding instead of focusing on just one thing. 

7. Build Simple Projects

As you enroll for a coding bootcamp, see the bigger picture. When you are learning to program, you should concentrate on the codes one after the other. You would learn better when you program and complete smaller projects frequently than one big project for a long time. You may be passionate about a project.

That’s fine! But you cannot spend several hours a day deciding the next project or even researching the next best step. It is alright to work on something funny or weird for amusement as long as it works. 

8. Find Good Resources

You may come across several free online resources to assist you in becoming a programmer without even joining a bootcamp. However, that also means there would be a lot of hassles. There are over hundreds of blogs and articles that list coding sites. But that’s not what you want to do; your job is to spend your precious time coding and using references only when you need it.

Firstly, you have to find something to code. Anything that you are passionate about, or that interests you. The resources that you choose should match what you are trying to build. Google is your main resource and documentation for the framework, library, or language you are working with. 

Final Verdict

Today, the most important concern is professional standing with prospects. If a coding bootcamp does not provide the relevant skills, you should not waste your time.

However, if you want to make a career in an industry that depends heavily on coders, developers, or programmers, it could be worth investing in an online coding bootcamp. 

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