7 Tips For Web Developers to Drastically Improve Their Skills

The online business is flourishing at exponential lengths. The dependency of the people on the internet and technology has magnified the demand for online services and products.

Businesses are adopting different online strategies to boost their business. They are investing significantly in developing their websites to provide a pleasant experience to the users.

This has increased the demand for web developers in the industry all over the world. The website developers at any cost cannot provide an excuse for slack off.

The increasing number of new entrants has increased the competition in the industry, therefore it is essential for Web Developers to constantly learn and improve the skills to remain on the top ladder and ahead of the game.

The list of 7 tips has been compiled to help the neophytes and practicing professionals to improve their web development:

1. Practice coding everyday

It first and the foremost important tip for improving your skills is to practice the codes every day. No matter how old or how cliché it sounds it is a simple truth that works its magic.

Practicing to code allows you to eradicate the error or finding a different and effective approach towards solving an issue. It increases the speed and reduces the chances of making error assuring quality work.

Developers must be able to consistently practice the codes it helps them in learning the shortcuts and make them practice codes without relying on mouse or touchpad.

It aids us in realizing what our main strengths are and which area needs improvement.  We can practice codes on Windows and Mac by creating a localhost. A local host allows us to make as many mistakes as we can because it can be reset back to zero.

2.  Participate on Github

Github provides a platform for developers to participate in open source project, which allows developer a wider audience who can give feedback. It also allows developers to learn from other’s code as well.

In Github,open source project one can also contribute without any codes. A developer can update documentation or change a wiki that shows that he is nurtured upon the code and can communicate on how to use it.

A developer can create an update version of an existing project and can create a modified version of it. You can also assist a certain project either by fixing minor bugs or improving project stability. It doesn’t matter which option we opt with, it widens our understanding and introduce us to a new method that other people might use.

Further, participation in Github also gives us an option to collaborate in which we have a supervision on our work; we become part of a team that exposes us to a new learning opportunity.

3. Grab freelance work

Another great tip for improving the web development skill is to get hands on a freelance project and get that developer brain in gear. It helps us to get out of our comfort zone. It also helps us in building our network.

This is a great opportunity to improve as we have to run with what we are assigned with and get to practice new style in developing. These help us to discover and explore a new area, to adapt to new skill set.

These projects make the developing skills better and make one a more versatile web developer. Another benefit is that you get to earn some extra cash.

4. Teach others what you know

It is said, “If you truly want to learn something than teach that thing to someone else”. Not only in developing side but also in other professions this trick is to show its magic. It is a great way to continue to learn and share your knowledge, perhaps you might learn something, or see a perspective that was foreign to you.

For teaching, you have to organize your thoughts and structure which is a great opportunity to review what one already knows and what one needs to learn more about. It also requires us to search a topic to back it up with an example which leads to more and better understating of the issues faced and how to resolve those.

It helps you get all the codes and tactics at your fingertips. In it, there’s nothing to lose but only a lot to gain.

5. Find something innovative

To stand out from the crowd one needs to find or come up with something innovative. To be innovative one needs to seek inspiration out of the internet. There are a lot of examples of both poor and great websites that could be found internet. Most of these websites are just a modified version of the other.

One shouldn’t spend too much time working on the samples but consult different sources of inspiration for being creative. This could include the published work, building design, and natural scenes.

6. Set a regular practice time

If we look at tip no one and six both seems to be same but that is not the case. Scheduling regular practice time is important you aid you in becoming an expert in the field. If you are practicing continuously for hours we will not be able to produce anything that, make you more productive because of the retention that decreases if we spend more than a certain amount of time on something.

Practicing overtime can make you go under stress resulting in sloppy codes and missed deadline of the work you hold. Find a break away from work so that your ability to think clearly does not deteriorate. Set a reminder for you practice time, this way you will be more motivated to push through the most intensive coding sessions.

7. Pay attention to trends

Web development and designing are rapidly changing and a single technique or style doesn’t stay for long. The website world is heavily driven by trends.

The developer needs to keep an eye open to recognize the new trends that are being followed and equip himself with them. It is important to be updated to stay in the top tier of the ladder.

Also, keeping an eye of a critic helps to see the trends happening right in front of you, it is not necessary to adopt them but it keeps our work trendy. Or maybe we can break the monotony of work and introduce something new in the developer’s world.

To improve your development skills we need to pay special attention to the fundamental of developing and mastering the coding which makes our work stand out and speak volumes of it. 

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Hasan Shah is an established Web Designer working at Web Experts Pakistan. His masterpieces have been used by many of the designing students and neophyte in the industry as an inspiration. He has been offering his services for last 8 years.

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