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Unless you’re part of a certain profession, it’s hard to imagine how many careers there are that are related to it. For example, running a school doesn’t take just teachers.

It takes administrators and certain professionals in various areas, from special education to athletics. It also takes people to care for a building and other facilities. And that’s just a starter list of all the people required to make things go, day in and day out.

Other areas have the same amount of diversity in the type of job-related to a particular field. One that’s long drawn the interest of people interested in something professional but interesting, challenging, and positive for the effect it can have on the world is criminal justice.

There are so many jobs that are related to this field whether you’re interested in administrative work or you want to do something out in the field.

Let’s talk about Criminal Justice Career for starters.

This would be a leader of sorts, but even people interested in this field have several different options. For starters, they could head the police force. They could also, however, head an educational criminology program.

The point is that the jobs in criminal justice management involve leadership and supervision. What other particular skills they require depends on the skillset that you’ve chosen to pursue.

Some people, of course, are drawn to criminal justice because they want to be out in the field pursuing justice. That, too, can look like several different things. For starters, there’s a famous job to consider — a Federal Bureau of Investigation, or FBI, agent. However, not every FBI agent pursues the same kind of criminal or has the same sort of job.

Some are definitely out in the field, pursuing arrests and tracking criminals. Some, however, put their brains and skills to use for other types of crime, say bank fraud. The varying types of agents will still require several similar skills, including selection from a few types of majors. And the more skills you add to your skillset, such as speaking different languages, the better for your opportunities at a place like the FBI.

If you’re interested in helping monitor people once they’ve served their time, you could also work in a field like a probation officer. There are different levels of this, some state and some federal, but basically, the person works as a link between the criminal and the court system.

This requires a skill set that might be leaning toward social work or communications, and many people have advanced degrees in this. They also have the opportunity for growth, something that all of these fields possess.

Learn more about Criminal Justice Career in this graphic.

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