190+ Top Career Advice Websites (Updated July 2019)

190+ Top Career Advice Websites | CareerMetis.com

  • Are you dissatisfied with your current job, and are looking to make an immediate change? 
  • Are you in the market today, and are actively seeking your next opportunity? 
  • Are you not sure how to navigate the dynamics of your current company and get promoted?
  • Are you not sure how to craft a strong career path in your current industry?

Regardless of your situation or your career goals – we want to help!

At CareerMetis.com, we have always prided ourselves on providing actionable insights, ideas in the form of articles, podcasts, videos, etc to help today’s job seeker.

However, we realize that there are many more amazing websites/blogs that provide actionable career advice.

And we want to make sure that our readers & audience are able to access that information effortlessly.

It is our goal to help you get exceptional advice & insights across the web. That’s why we have created this list  –Top Career Advice Websites”.

We want to make sure that you are empowered to take charge of your career, and have all the information you need to thrive in your career.

We have scoured the web, read the blog posts, reviewed the credibility of the sites – so you don’t have to. In this list, you will find close to 200 career advice and job-search advice websites, career blogs that share top-notch and evergreen advice.

BOOKMARK this page, come back to this often, so you can quickly learn how to take control of your job search and career.

P.S. If we have missed any career advice website in this list- send us a message and we will happily review them.

Understanding the List:

The list contains the following information:

  • Name of the Company/Blog/Website
  • Their LinkedIn Profile
  • Twitter Profile
  • Alexa Ranking


  • Domain Authority


Here, you can find the name of the website or blog or company.

You may notice that this column varies. We wanted to make sure that we can provide a healthy mix of bloggers, coaches, podcasts, career counselors, etc.

The links take you directly to the home page or the blog page of the website.

LinkedIn & Twitter Profiles:

Most of the bloggers or brands share useful information on their LinkedIn and Twitter profiles. They share updates, news, and of course advice. Follow them and even connect with them on LinkedIn and/or Twitter.

Alexa Rank:

Alexa is a global ranking system that utilizes web traffic data to compile a list of the most popular websites, the Alexa Rank. The lower your Alexa rank, the more popular (for example, a site with the rank of 1 has the most visitors on the internet). 

For instance, CareerMetis.com has an Alexa ranking of 80169 (as of Sep 2019). This means we are the 80169th most visited website in the world.

Please keep in mind, that traffic is not always the best indicator of the quality of content. 

Domain Authority:

Domain authority (also known as site authority and website authority) is a metric used to estimate how “rankable” a website is as a whole. Most site authority scales range from 1 to 100, with higher scores signifying a higher likelihood that the website can rank for any given term.

The Winners:

Congratulations to every blogger or website owner who has made it to the list. 

If your website is listed in the “Top Career Advice Websites” list, you have the honor of displaying the following badge on your site. This is the most comprehensive list of career advice websites on the internet and I’m honored to have you as part of this! Simply use the code provided below to add it to your site. 

Please scroll to the bottom of the page to download the badge and the embed code.

Career Protocol Angela Guido @careerprotocol 1,378,06824
Hire Imaging Barb Poole @hireimaging 3,172,10822
May Busch May Busch @maybusch 2,022,15238
45 Things Anita Bruzzese @anitabruzzese 4,522,02246
RH Resumes Rebecca Henninger @RHResumes -24
Bizzeebobber John Waite @Bizzeebobber 12,637,62616
Career Valet Marcelle Yeager @careervalet 18,516,18220
Elite Resumes Martin Buckland @EliteResumes1,651,42938
Balanced WorkLife Jim Dryburgh @BWLCompany1,488,43636
Alexandra Levit Alexandra Levit @alevit 7,014,60452
Career Advancement Joel Garfinkle @JoelGarfinkle 1,056,13939
CareerAlley Joey Trebif @CareerAlley 961,74937
Career Anecdotes Dami Akinwale @CareerAnecdotes 12,799,3516
Career Enlightenment LLC Joshua Waldman @joshuawaldman 1,047,90851
Career Pivot Marc Miller @careerpivot 694,91641
Career Sidekick Biron Clark @BironClark 32,17745
I'M HIRED Imogen McGowan @imhireduk 17,687,52714
Jane Jackson Careers Jane Jackson @janecareercoach 4,315,15135
JobMob Jacob Share @jacobshare 329,15357
Kerry Hannon Kerry Hannon @KerryHannon 5,119,61648
Positive Sharing Alexander Kjerulf @alexkjerulf 851,35057
Undercover Recruiter Jorgen Sundberg @UndercoverRec 69,02564
Things Career Related Bob McIntosh @bob_mcintosh_1 1,753,27337
BOLD Career Coaching Natasha Kosoff @NatashaKosoff 11,171,2008
Bubble Jobs Adam Butwilowski @BubbleJobs 673,55839
Career Designs Erin Moody @career_designs 4,653,84317
CareersInMusic.com Alison Stolpa @musicresources 93,30248
CrossRoads CareerBrian Horvath @CrossrdsCareer 3,498,68835
Freesumes Hertzel Betito @freesumes 47,39639
halliecrawford.com Hallie Crawford @halliecrawford 3,353,37150
How2Become.com Joshua Brown @JoshuaBrownH2B 167,47641
Jibber Jobber Jason Alba @jasonalba 586,50652
Job Jenny Jenny Foss @jobjenny 1,400,96947
LaowaiCareer Yuri Khlystov @yuri_khlystov 151,32733
Resumonk Aditya Babbar @xAditya 136,90347
The Career Psychologist Rob Archer @RobACareerPsych 3,689,86136
Thrive Yard Duncan Muguku @duncanmuguku 786,44733
WolfGang Amy Wolfgang @coachwolfgang 1,843,10831
Work It Daily Jt O'Donnell @jtodonnell 78,13165
Zety Kuba Koziej @kubakoziej 4,32963
Bulls Eye Recruiting Will Thomson@Bulls Eye Recruiting3,596,90438
Introvert Whisper Dorothy Tannahill-Moran @Introvert Whisperer 2,010,47534
Cubicle Chic Jessica Koong @cubicle_chic 3,317,55233
MyRightFitJob.comJulia Erickson 10,940,23926
WorkCoachCafe Susan Joyce @workcoachcafe 1,340,02746
A Better Interview, LLC Marc DeBoer @betterinterview 1,874,02741
ABSOLUTELY ABBY Abby Kohut @absolutely_abby 8,644,48539
Ms. Career Girl Nicole Crimaldi @@mscareergirl 397,79847
Personal Branding Dan Schawbel @danschawbel 403,03461
Riklan Resources, LLC. Michelle Riklan @resumewoman 4,887,56735
TheWiseJobSearch Harry Urschel @eExecutives 8,473,81738
CareerSource North East FloridaCandace Moody @candacemoody 3,683,00726
Career Sherpa Hannah Morgan @careersherpa 521,43451
Corporette Kat Griffin @_KatGriffin_ 162,84656
Flex + Strategy Group Cali Yost @caliyost 5,735,65649
Margaret Buj, Interview & career coach Margaret Buj @MargaretBuj 2,082,96340
interviewIQ Karalyn Brown @interviewiq 1,591,57041
Marla Gottschalk Marla Gottschalk @mrgottschalk 2,737,29723
Take It Personel-ly Chantal Bechervaise @cbechervaise 794,41735
Talent Culture LLC Meghan Biro @TalentCulture 319,64957
TheVoiceofJobseekers Mark Dyson @markadyson 2,659,79344
Workology Inc. Jessica Miller-Merrell @workology 198,79757
The Writing Guru LLC Wendi Weiner @thewritingguru 1,642,87745
Ask A Manager Alison Green @askamanager 24,83765
CareerIgniter.com Robin Schwartz @CareerIgniter 289,43345
Classy Career Girl Anna Runyan @classycareer 154,81053
CoolWorks BILL BERG @coolworks 160,51158
Job Search Master Class Dana Manciagli @danamanciagli 3,881,46445
FlexJobs Sara Sutton @flexjobs 16,40467
Great Resumes Fast Jessica Hernandez @GreatResume 377,94748
JobHunt Susan Joyce @job_hunt_org 41,15060
Jobscan JAMES HU @jobscanco 22,82556
Lindsey Pollak Lindsey Pollak @lindseypollak 998,74157
MaggieMistal Maggie Mistal @MaggieMistal 3,779,25143
Mary Elizabeth Bradford Mary Elizabeth @careerartisan 1,179,44938
Mike McRitchie Mike McRitchie @MikeMcRitchie 1,733,27828
Collamer Career Consulting Nancy Collamer @NancyCollamer 3,964,72646
3 Plus International Dorothy Dalton @3PlusInt 2,957,58045
Breakthrough Resumes Tammy Shoup @tammyshoup -17
SalaryTutor Jim Hopkinson @salarytutor 678,94038
Marty Nemko Marty Nemko @MartyNemko 1,514,00551
Quantum Tech Resumes JM Auron @QuanTechResume 16,754,86925
THE WRIGHT CAREER SOLUTION Daisy Wright @careertips2go 8,773,65924
Unfold Careers Hayley Panasiuk @unfold_careers 5,208,54012
Avid Careerist Donna Svei @AvidCareerist 358,91748
Beth Carter Enterprises Beth Carter @BethCarterCoach12,954,00228
Brooklyn Resume Studio Dana Leavy-Detrick @danaleavy 912,02545
Career Confidential, LLC Peggy McKee 447,80645
Career Path Writing Solutions, LLC Heidi Scott Giusto @HeidiGiustoCPWS 7,142,87325
CAREER TREND Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter @valueintowords 960,83838
Executive Resume Services Erin Kennedy @erinkennedycprw 2,356,68944
JobHunterCoach Arnie Fertig @jobhuntercoach -27
The Kelley Career Services Thea Kelley @theakelley 1,772,62634
JobStars Doug Levin @JobStarsCEO 579,31030
KBM Coaching Kimberly Monaghan @kbmcoaching -29
Virginia Franco Resumes Virginia Franco @vafrancoresumes 14,960,37941
Wishingwell Coaching Jessica Sweet @WishingwellGift 1,346,82043
Feather Communications Heather Rothbauer @feathercomm 2,254,06031
paNASHLori Bumgarner @panashcoaching 5,716,65328
Allison Cheston Career Connector Allison Cheston @allisoncheston 8,402,44930
Brooklyn Resume Studio DANA LEAVY-DETRICK@danaleavy 90645027
Career Impressions Adrienne Tom @adrienne_tom 2,569,59140
Gia Ganesh Gia Ganesh @KicStarturLife 19
Kathy Caprino Kathy Caprino @kathycaprino 1,337,75947
Milewalk Andrew LaCivita @arlacivita 606,16337
Pathfinder Dawn Rasmussen @DawnRasmussen 3,330,33834
Positive Workplace Partners Susan Peppercorn @susanpeppercorn 4,535,42836
The Career Strategy Group Laura M. Labovich @LauraLabovich 5,667,98626
Laura Stack Laura Stack @laurastack 1,760,54452
Sherri Thomas Sherri Thomas @SherriThomas 3,011,11833
CareerFolk Donna Sweidan @careerfolk 18,241,52128
Corn On The Job Rich DeMatteo @cornonthejob 5,218,66047
Dynamic Transitions Lisa Orbe-Austin @drlisa_ 15,061,38127
Lea McLeod Lea McLeod @LeaMcLeod 5,736,91939
Resume Place Kathryn Troutman @kathryntroutman 878,84946
SixFigureStart Caroline Ceniza-Levine @sixfigurestart 2,108,30649
Ace Your Interview Victoria LoCascio @AceInterviewCom 17,829,39323
Ashley International Ashley Stahl @AshleyStahl 1,471,04541
Campus to Career Kirk Baumann @kbaumann 2,482,12041
Career Directions Intl Louise Garver @LouiseGarver 1,527,88130
Career Potential Ford Myers @FordMyers 4,754,69541
Careers Done Wright Debra Wheatman @DebraWheatman 682,31646
Chameleon Resumes Lisa Rangel @LisaRangel 522,67545
Coach DQ Dawn Quesnel @coachdq 16,529,75616
CollegeGrad Brian Krueger @briankrueger 47,17756
Cube Rules Scot Herrick @scotherrick 1,690,74938
Daisy Swan Daisy Swan @daisyswan 13,949,49828
Executive Career Brand Meg Guiseppi @MegGuiseppi 666,41742
Her Agends Rhonesha Byng @NeshasAgenda 1,221,36552
Mo Faul Maureen Mo Faul @CoachMoFaul 7,091,53619
My Executive Career Coach Linda Van Valkenburgh @linvanval -11
Penelope Trunk Penelope Trunk @penelopetrunk 273,40564
Walk of Life Careers SHANNON HOUDE @walkoflifecoach -10
Women On The Fence Erica Diamond @ericadiamond 3,184,99451
Ask The Headhunter Nick Corcodilos @asktheheadhunte 425,21654
Begin Again Coaching Freda Curchack Marver NA-12
Brazen Ed Barrientos @Brazen244,94248
Career Geek Faizan Patankar @faizanpatankar 1,660,26245
Careershifters Richard Alderson@careershifters291,10950
Career Solvers Barbara Safani @barbarasafani 4,538,97144
Career Tips to Go Karen Adamedes @karenadamedes 6,886,59626
Copeland Coaching Angela Copeland @CopelandCoach 2,888,26845
Crystal Irom Crystal Marsh @crystalirom 11,837,53224
Distinctive Documents Michelle Dumas @DistinctiveDocs 623,27238
Donna Schilder Donna Schilder @LeadtoEnergize 3,332,17525
Five Strengths Amy L. Adler @AmyLAdler 1,249,07928
HR Bartender Sharlyn Lauby @sharlyn_lauby 386,02754
Ivy Exec Elena Bajic @elenabajic 84,00952
Keppie Consulting Miriam Salpeter @miriamsalpeter 5,667,91749
Gen Y Girl Kayla Buell @geny_girl 953,66444
Mac's List Mac Prichard @mac_prichard 178,85942
Melissa LLarena Melissa Llarena @CareerOutcomes 2,122,08840
Oliver James Associates Oliver Castle @OJAssociates 535,66635
Personal Career Management Corinne Mills @corinnemills 2,614,32945
Sterling Career Concepts, LLC Laurie Berenson @LaurieBerenson 3,944,22137
Ladders Marc Cenedella @cenedella 15,21373
TopResume Jeff Berger @jeffberger_ 22,22062
Dr. Janet Civitelli Janet Scarborough Civitelli @JanetCivitelli 488,76145
When I Grow Up Michelle Ward @whenigroupcoach 2,568,95148
Career Tool BeltAlison Doyle@AlisonDoyle354,79838
WORK LIKE AN ARTIST Karl Rohde @KRohde 14,931,04423
Workpac Praanesh Prasad @workpac329,45935
Youtern Mark S. Babbitt @MarkBabbitt1,038,34454
The Motivated Job Search Brian Howard @motiv8djobsrch 7,727,77116
Cultivated Culture Austin Belcak @abelcak 296,44145
Refresh Your Step Emily Kapit @refreshyourstep 7,057,05626
The Muse The Muse.com@TheMuse4,29279
Eric B. Horn Inc.Eric B. Horn@EricBHorn9,692,80413
Design ResumesJulie Walraven@JulieWalraven353,51235
AnExpertResumeLaura Smith-ProulxResumeExpert2,009,860
Bossed UpEmilie Aries@BossedUpOrg988,914
Career ContessaLauren McGoodwin
PivotJenny Blake
CultivitaeEmily Liou@CultiVitae606,541
Noelle Gross Career StrategyNoelle Gross@NGrossCareers5,302,120
Jena VivianoJena Viviano
@Jena Viviano6,701,479
FairyGodBossGeorgene Huang@FairyGodBoss39,817
Big InterviewPamela Skillings@BigInterview22,834
This Little Brand
Kimberly Robb Baker@ThisLittleBrand13,120,145
2 Hour Job Search
Steve Dalton5,092,03230
Jeff Morris@CareerDFW4,312,17830
Carol Fishman Cohen@iReLaunch1,117,41455
Briefcase Coach
Sarah Johnston@SarahDJohnston6,036,35222
Thriving AmbitionLaKiesha Tomlin@ThriveAmbition20
Let's Eat GrandmaChris Villanueva@LetsEatGrandma_1,480,67626
Tammy Gooler LoebTammy Gooler Loeb@tammygoolerloeb17
Stecey LaneStacey Lane@CareerStacey7,091,73525
Rachel BeohmRachel Beohm@RachelBeohm8,301,37411
Dalena BradleyDalena Bradley10
The MemoMinda Harts@myweeklymemo2,903,62436
Career StoriesKerri Twigg@KerriTwigg1,890,82220
Caroline Dowd-HigginsCaroline Dowd-Higgins@CDowdHiggins5,786,07337
Brigette HyacinthBrigette Hyacinth@MbaCaribbeanOrg2,848,2157
Kevin TurnerKevin Turner@MrKevinDTurner

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