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Tableau is not only used to bridge the gap between data scientists and laypeople but also, to sort large volumes of data into manageable buckets.

Companies can only make use of big data analysis when decision-makers can understand what the numbers mean. With tableau, analysts can help managers and directors visualize the implication of various correlations.

While it is simple enough for people to learn the basics of Tableau on their own, learning how to manipulate data on a more complex scale is difficult for most people.

Training is important for this reason. With the right training, analysts will know how to make optimal use of Tableau in analysing data.

While many may downplay the importance of certification, we believe that a certification validates your skills and sets professional apart from their uncertified peers.

If you are looking for available training certifications online, then here is a curated list of hand-picked Tableau courses that could help accelerate your career.

1. Simplilearn’s Tableau Training and Data Visualization Online Course

This course is available on Simplilearn and enables you to develop skills in Tableau Desktop 10.

The training teaches you the various aspects of Tableau like data organization, visualization building, and designing dashboards. Students will also be able to understand the concepts of mapping, data connection and statistics.

Learners are required to undertake two simulation exams and an industry-based project in order to receive the necessary associate certification.

This course is suitable for system administrators, software developers, and BI professionals.

Simplilearn is an incredible training provider because its courses are accompanied by course advisors to guide students through the challenging process of learning.

There are packages offered for both individuals and businesses. The Online Classroom Flexi-Pass package is designed for individuals. It has ninety days of access to more than two online training classes led by instructors.

The Corporate Training Solutions package, on the other hand, is designed for businesses. There are no prerequisites for taking this course but it is recommended that you have more than five months working experience of Tableau Desktop.

2. UC Davis’ Coursera Fundamentals of Visualization with Tableau

If you’ve never used Tableau before, this Coursera training by the University of California is meant for you. The Fundamentals of Visualization with Tableau course is also useful for anyone who needs a refresher.

Through this course, you’ll create your first visualization story, based on data context. Fundamental concepts of data visualization are covered in this course and students explore the Tableau interface, identify and apply its various tools. Students will eventually learn to prepare and import data into Tableau.

Given that course covers the basic concepts of Tableau, students don’t need prior technical or analytical knowledge. After the completion of this course, students get certified by the prestigious UC Davis university.

3. TechCanvass’s Tableau Certification Course.

Mastering tableau opens up new opportunities for working in Data science projects for any professional. You can learn tableau from a Business Analyst or a developer standpoint. You can also learn Tableau to manage a data science project
as a Project Manager.

Mastering Tableau involves learning the complete data visualization life cycle, Data sourcing and wrangling, data model as well as application of charts and Dashboards. Data visualization helps in presenting the insights to the Stakeholders so that they can take an informed decision.

The Tableau Certification Training offered by Techcanvass is a real-life case study based hands-on training program. It enables you to not only learn hands-on concepts but also use real-life problems to apply the concepts using dashboards and charts. This course is also aligned to Tableau desktop specialist and associate certifications to help you earn a
reputed certification.

4. Tableau’s Desktop Course

Tableau Desktop is an online data science course offered by the company that makes the Tableau software. In this course, candidates will develop skills to glean actionable insights by embracing live visual analytics.

Tableau relies on the natural ability of individuals to discover visual patterns and thereby reveal available market opportunities.

Tableau Desktop is an important course for organizations because it improves the ability of managers to make effective market decisions.

It is also an ideal course for those who would like to develop data mining skills and secure employment in the current marketplace.

5. Tableau 10 Essential Training on Lynda

The Tableau 10 Essential Training that is operated by Lynda offers everything you need to know about analyzing and displaying data using Tableau Desktop.

Lynda offers the four and a half hour course to individuals, businesses and government agencies. Students who take this course are capable of creating, manipulating and sharing data visualizations.

After taking this course, students will also be able to highlight relevant information to their managers using visual cues so quick, data-driven decisions can be taken.

6. Duke University’s Big Data and Data Science Online Program

Candidates can use this Duke University course to develop skills to communicate the practical implications of information obtained from quantitative data analyses to any member of an audience.

This is because data analysis results are useless if they cannot be applied by managers to solve business challenges.

This course enables learners to streamline their analyses and outline their implications effectively through visualizations in Tableau. The course does more than just teach you Tableau.

The course also includes lessons on R programming language, Hadoop as well as Machine Learning. Candidates who complete this course will be certified directly by Duke University.


Tableau helps you convey conclusions clearly by harnessing your brain’s natural perceptual and cognitive tendencies.

Hence, adequate Tableau training from recognized institutions is vital for professionals in the business world.

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