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2020 was a challenging year for all, but few sectors were quite as affected as schools and educational institutions. 

Over 1.6 billion learners and their teachers were impacted by school closures and other measures intended to contain the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Education was disrupted entirely, and teachers found themselves struggling to organize virtual classrooms, motivate their students, and bring some sense of normalcy to their online classes. 

So, it’s not surprising that everyone was anxious to wave 2020 goodbye and welcome the new year in style. 

Improving Online Education in 2021 

Although hopes are high for 2021, it will be a while before students and teachers can return to the classrooms. So it’s critical to optimize online education and improve every aspect of it now without waiting for things to go back to normal. 

Fortunately, educators can access digital technologies that can enhance almost every task and process, making online education much more efficient. 

The most in-demand digital technology in the school sector is test creator software. 

It’s designed to streamline the process of making and grading tests, saving time and effort, and allowing teachers to focus on more important matters at hand. 

But what are the best test generators, and which features make them so valuable to online education? Let’s find out. 

1. ProProfs Test Maker Software 

ProProfs Quiz Maker

ProProfs Test Maker Software is one of the most renowned online test makers with versatile features and applications. It can offer unprecedented value to K12 schools, community and technical colleges, and businesses looking to enhance their corporate training. 

It has an intuitive, user-friendly interface, making it easy to master even for teachers who are not tech-savvy. 

As a ProProfs user, you can create and automatically grade tests of any complexity within minutes – whether we’re talking about entry-level language quizzes, algebra tests, or final exams. 

You’ll have access to ProProfs’ vast library of thousands of tests and quizzes, and you can use and customize any of them to save time and effort. 

Of course, you’ll also be able to create your tests from scratch to ensure that they make sense for your curriculum and your students. 

When creating your tests, you can choose any question type, including multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, true or false, and even essays. 

Enrich your quizzes with images, GIFs, videos, and other media, provide hints and immediate feedback, set time limits, branch out questions, and more. 

You can easily customize the test’s appearance by choosing one of the hundreds of themes and backgrounds, adding your school logo, or even personalizing completion certificates. 

With all this in mind, what truly sets ProProfs apart from other test generators is its reporting and analytics. 

You’ll get detailed reports on student progress and performance, see which of your questions were the hardest, and which of your students struggled the most. 

You’ll have access to all the relevant data that can help you improve your classes and enhance your students’ knowledge retention rates. 

ProProfs is compatible with all browsers and devices, and it’s available in over 70 languages. 

Test creator is just one of ProProfs’ many tools. You can use ProProfs to build virtual classes, develop course material from scratch, sell your tests and quizzes, and more. 

2. QuestBase 

Questbase Test Maker Software

QuestBase is a simple online test maker suitable for educational, corporate, and marketing needs. It’s completely free to use – you can sign up, create an account, and start making tests without spending a single cent. It’s ideal for schools and teachers on a budget. 

While the design looks slightly outdated, the platform has all the necessary functionality, making it one of the best test generators. 

You can design and launch any test, quiz, survey, or training assessment in just a few clicks. All the functions are visible and easy to use, so even if you have no prior experience creating online tests, you’ll quickly find your way around. 

You can create any question you want, type the questions manually, import questions from your Access or Excel files, or use the built-in web editor for the best results. 

Embed images and videos to make the tests more interactive, use special characters and math equations, and fully customize every aspect of your educational test. 

You can always include hints and personalized feedback to assist your test-takers and add extra instructions to ensure that every question is clear and precise. 

All student answers will be automatically saved, and you’ll get real-time reports on your tests and quizzes. You’ll receive detailed charts and statistics that will provide insight into your students’ performance and your test’s efficiency. 

QuestBase can be just as useful to small classes as large corporations as it doesn’t limit how many people can take the test at once. 

It’s an attractive solution for online classes in 2021, especially since it’s feature-packed and yet comes free of charge. 

3. FlexiQuiz 

FlexiQuiz Test Maker Software

FlexiQuiz is a simple yet powerful solution that can help you engage your learners, whether you’re teaching remotely or in-person. 

It’s a web-based platform that enables easy test creation with no software downloads. 

You’ll have excellent formatting options to create any assessment type that suits your course best – create simple trivia quizzes or launch law school admission tests, all with ease. 

FlexiQuiz offers eight question types you can use, including essay, picture choice, matching, and more. You can mark any question as either optional or required and provide feedback immediately or at the end of the test. 

Creating custom question banks can save you precious time as FlexiQuiz’s system will randomly select which questions to present to test-takers, so you don’t have to come up with brand new questions every time you make a new test. 

Upload media, PDFs, or even Word documents to enrich your tests and make them ever-more interactive. 

You have an array of customization options that can further enhance your tests. You can always change themes and backgrounds, add your logo, switch up the layout, and add personalized welcome and thank you pages. 

Set time limits on the entire test or individual questions, use positive and negative points, and enjoy automated grading and real-time results. 

FlexiQuiz offers advanced reporting and analytics that will keep you informed about all your tests and students. 

4. Testmoz 

TestMoZ Test Maker Software

Testmoz is an increasingly more popular choice for schools and educators. It has an abundance of features, yet it’s elementary to use and get accustomed to. 

You can sit back, put on your favorite work music, and create, edit, and launch a test within minutes. 

As with any good test creator, it enables you to use several different graded and ungraded question types in your tests. You can easily upload your questions or create them within the test generator. 

Developing question pools can prove quite time-saving as you continue to use Testmoz. Upload hundreds of your questions and answers, then let the system generate a brand new test in seconds by randomly recycling these questions. 

Testmoz has advanced search options as well that enable you to find a question from one of your old quizzes and insert it into the one you’re currently making. 

Add images and videos to make the tests more exciting, upload useful files, and use special characters and math symbols. Add hints and provide optional explanations that will help your students along. 

Testmoz has advanced reporting features that will give you a clear overview of your test-takers. The dashboard is nicely streamlined and provides information on each of your students. 

You can see individual scores, when your students started the test and when they finished it, which answers they got right or wrong, and more. 

The best aspect of Testmoz is that it works wonderfully even with low bandwidth. The student interface is simplistic, no bigger than 100KB, so your tests will load quickly even with a bad connection. 

5. Exam Makers 

Exam Makers Test Maker Software

Exam Makers from Proton Training Solutions is an advanced test generator software with rich capabilities and extensive features that make it an excellent tool for any school, teacher, and student. 

As soon as you start using it, you’ll see where its appeal lies. 

Creating, modifying, and editing questions is a breeze. You can choose from well over 18,000 pre-made questions ready for use or create brand new ones. 

Questions can be separated into different courses, subjects, and chapter categories so that you can easily find and recycle them as necessary. 

You can choose whether you want to randomize the question/answer order for each test-taker or keep it all the same. Limit the number of attempts, add time limits, enable or disable pausing, and even include a price tag on your tests. 

Both you and your students will have access to advanced reporting features. You can analyze individual and class performance, keep track of all the tests, see full payment reports, and more. 

Your students will gain insight into their performance and progress, see all the tests that they’ve taken along with the results, check testing schedules, collect and redeem personalized rewards, and access study materials. 

Exam Makers is compatible with all browsers and devices, so you can rest assured that your students can take your tests online without a glitch. 

6. Edumate 

Edumate Test Maker Software

iTech’s Edumate and EdOnline solutions allow for advanced test creation in any educational institution. The software can be used in small or large classes alike, offering extensive functionality to serve both the teachers and their students. 

As soon as you register, you’ll be taken to your dashboard, where you’ll have a clear overview of all the software features and capabilities. You can immediately start creating tests and inviting your students to take them. 

You can create questions directly on the platform or upload existing Excel files and old tests from your computer. 

Use several different question types in your tests, add audio and video files, customize the theme, background, and logo, and make your tests accessible to all your students, regardless of where they are. 

Detailed reports will inform you about each student’s number of attempts, dropped and completed tests, and overall performance. You can even use the reports to identify knowledge gaps and adjust your courses to suit your students. 

Edumate and EdOnline do have quite a learning curve, so make sure to get acquainted with the software before inviting your students to join your tests. 

7. EvalBox 

EvalBox Test Maker Software

If you want to increase your student’s knowledge retention rates through testing, EvalBox might be the solution to help you do just that. 

The software’s user-friendly, intuitive, and will enable you to create full-blown tests and assessments with ease. 

Once you’ve created your question bank, it won’t take more than a second to get a test that’s ready to be deployed. The software will randomly select your specified number of questions from the question bank and immediately present you with your brand new test. 

You can customize, edit, and switch the questions if they don’t suit you, add media files, and include added explanations and hints to your questions. 

EvalBox has excellent cheat prevention algorithms that will notify you instantly if any students behave strangely and show signs of cheating during the examination. 

While not as feature-packed as some of the other solutions mentioned on this list, EvalBox is still quite useful to teachers and educators. A free version is available, so it’s in your best interest to give it a try and see whether or not the software suits your needs. 

8. Top Hat 

TopHat Test Maker Software

Top Hat is a free online test maker that allows educators, instructors, teachers, and professors to create interactive tests without spending a dime. However, students will need to pay a small fee to join a classroom or test. 

When you join Top Hat as an educator, you’ll gain access to its question bank library so that you can create a quiz with minimal effort. You can always edit the questions or add your own to better suit your course. 

You can use the software to create short quizzes that encourage discussions during the lessons or launch in-depth assessments that test your students’ knowledge. 

Schedule your tests in advance, set the precise date and time, invite students to register, and enable them to take a test on any device or browser. 

Top Hat relies on proprietary algorithms to prevent cheating and lockout students who display suspicious behavior during the tests. You can always bring the student back if necessary. 

Grading is handled automatically, and your students will be able to see their results as soon as they’ve finished the test. 

Due to TopHat’s various integrations, you can easily export grades and scores to your Learning Management System of choice. 

9. ClassMarker 

ClassMarker Test Maker Software

ClassMarker is a versatile test generator that can be useful for online education, marketing, lead generation, corporate training, and more. 

It’s easy to use and has excellent customization options to ensure each test is how you’ve imagined it. 

All registered users can easily take the test as soon as you launch it, or you could send them direct links for exclusive access. 

You can include optional feedback with your questions, embed media, set test dates, include time limits, filter test-takers, and more. 

Enjoy automated grading and send the results to your students in real-time as soon as they’ve completed the exam. 

An added benefit is that you can use this online test maker to sell your quizzes and earn a passive income. 

ClassMarker has several useful integrations and partnerships that can help you improve your online classes in 2021. 

Its test creator capabilities will simplify your online assessments, but its virtual classroom software will help you connect with your students and deliver full online courses with ease. 

A free version is available for educational institutions, but you’ll get the most out of ClassMarker by upgrading one of its paid plans. 

10. Help Teaching

Help Teaching Test Maker Software

At first glance, Help Teaching seems slightly outdated, but it has excellent test-making capabilities that can make it a perfect choice of software for a modern online classroom. 

It has all the basic functionality. You can create virtually any type of question, make use of question banks, randomize question and answer order, set time limits, embed media. 

You can easily launch your tests online, use them in your Google Classroom, or save them as PDF files, print them, and give them out during your in-person lessons if possible. 

What makes Help Teaching one of the best test creators is that it allows for long-form tests. A single test can have up to 100 questions, making it perfect for mock testing, prepping for the SATs, or creating entrance exams. 

Help Teaching has a limited free version that can help get familiar with the software and its features. But, if you want to get real value from Help Teaching, you’ll need to upgrade to its Pro or Group Pro plans. 

Final Thoughts

Using test creators can simplify your work during the COVID-19 pandemic, and once things return to normal. 

The best online test makers will have extensive functionalities and customization options. You can enjoy automated grading and scoring, real-time feedback, detailed student reports, and more. 

Once you’ve given a good test generator a try and seen just how much time you can save on student assessments, you’ll never want to create another test manually. 

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