Training and development is a process where a person or a group of people are imparted skills, knowledge about a particular technology or concept to improve their skills and knowledge so as to bring an overall change in their personality.

Training is teaching or developing an employee to brush his skills to do a particular job. Training is given to the employees to increase their competence level to perform their job well. It’s not only about upgrading their knowledge or polishing their known skills but, it is also about bringing a positive change in their attitude towards their work and their communications among the fellow employees.

Training helps in increasing one’s level of competency, capacity and communications resulting in improved productivity, better performance, improved and smooth communications and their retention in the organizations.

Training and development brings an overall change in the skills, knowledge, and outlook of the employees. This should be scheduled and imparted on time to time whenever a new technology or a concept is introduced or the performance dips down.

The objectives of training and development program in an organization:

  • to upgrade the knowledge regarding their work of employees on timely basis
  • to introduce the employees to the latest technologies being used in the industry
  • to improve the communication skills among the employees to reduce the grapevine communication
  • to increase the employees job satisfaction
  • to increase the morale of the employees
  • to help employees stay self-motivated about their duties
  • to reduce employee turnover ration
  • to retain the employee for a long term
  • to reduce the risks involved in their work and life during job by imparting risk training
How does an Employer benefit by conducting training and development for employees:
  1. Timely and routine various training and development programs are conducted for the employees of an organization the productivity of the employee’s increases because they remain updated with the latest and the result is that their work done shows quality and quantity.
  2. If an employee is well trained then the cost and time of supervision of the employee is reduced. Employee if trained, his output will be better and he will do his work with higher dedication
  3. The training and development programs induce a feeling of belongingness in the employees and they are self-driven and execute their work better.
  4. Training imparts confidence in them this reduces their stress about the work. They gain a feeling of competiveness and this reduces in the employee turnover ratio and promotes less absenteeism.
  5. Training and development provides a platform for the employees to share their views and ideas with management and management can discover their high potential which benefits the organization in return.
  6. There is an increased consistency in their performance and job satisfaction
  7. A Training and development program impart technical knowledge and improves the employee’s behavioral skills in an organization which ultimately results in optimum resource utilization and management.
How Employees benefit from the training and development programs?
  • Increased morale
  • Job satisfaction
  • Improved communication skills
  • Less absenteeism
  • Employee retention
  • Less employee turnover
  • Better employee and employer relations
  • Feeling of belongingness
  • Improved work behavior
  • Better work related skills
  • Qualitative and quantitative work performance
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