Frustration is natural but what makes a person unique is the way he handles that feeling. There are people who keep on complaining about how miserable their job life is but are afraid of doing anything. And, why should they?

Why should you leave a job forsome new one which does not guarantee you success?

It’s natural for any human to be terrified of the change be it in career or life decisions.

According to research conducted on human behaviour, our mind stops us from doing what we are not sure of. It tries to stop us from taking risks. This is what prevents us from trying something new and sit in our comfort zone. But the fact is if you will not try something new then you will not realize whether that is good for you or not.

Do you remember the days when you were afraid of going near the pool because of being afraid of drowning? But, what happened after you learned how to swim.

Now, you are ready to jump in the pool whenever you get a chance. This is exactly what happens with any change. We keep complaining about everything and fear from trying it for once.

1. Stop complaining and start acting

If you walk in any beer shop or a hangout place you will find out several workgroups sitting and complaining about how miserable their work life is. But, after all, they have said that night, you will find them getting ready for the next day at the same job.

So, what happened to all that complains that they had for the current job? Well, nothing. They fear of trying any new job and risking everything in their life.

One the ways by which you can get improve your chances of getting a new job is by blogging about your domain. For example, if you are a technical guy then you can start to write different blogs related to technical stuff. This practice will help you remain updated with all the latest technical knowledge.

You can also build your online profile which you can show to your next employer. If you start blogging regularly then you will also get a chance to explore new things related to your field which may also many new career options for you.

Have you ever heard the story of Thomas Alva Edison or Madam Curie? They are a well-known scientist. But before they found out the correct result, they faced series of failure.

If any other human would have been in their place, he would have got frustrated and left that research. But, that is not what Madam Curie or Thomas Alva Edison did. They controlled that frustration and took the risk and it paid off.

So, the first thing that you should do is stop crying over how miserable your career life and start looking for something that excites you. Just take a chance. What the worst could happen except failure. But you never know what a new career might hold for you.

So, what should you do change all that frustration in a massive career leap

2. Assess your work life

The first thing that you should is to sit quietly and try to assess what you want from your life. Crying over the thing that you do not have won’t help. You should try to figure out the type of job that wants to do. If you feel like this job is not providing you with enough opportunity then you should look for the alternative jobs.

Try to point out your strength and weakness and look for the job that you love. The size of the job or money is irrelevant compared to you liking your job. You should perform each task as if you worth million rather than crying over your miserable job life. You can use concept mapping to assess you work life and your priorities.

3. Does change job will be helpful for your family

There may be a situation where you have to consider not just about yourself but also your family. You should think about your family’s interest also while making a choice about the job change. If you are not getting enough time to spend with your family then should look for another job.

4. Say no to fear

Fear is the biggest enemy in the path to success. One that concurs fears can concur the whole world. There is no point in hesitating to go in front of your boss and tell that you deserve the promotion or else you have to look for another job.

If the company truly values you then they will surely consider your demands but if not then you should not work in a company that does not value your contribution. Do not wait until you realize you have spent more than half of your life in a job that you are planning to quit.

5. How important money is to you

Another important aspect about deciding to shift your career is how much impotence do you give to money? If you are afraid of perusing a new career just because you think that you would not make enough money to live comfortably, consider whether it is worth perusing a job to live happily.

Try to find a job that makes you happy not that which gives you more money. We often ignore happiness in the case of more money and later end up regretting that.

When you will think all the above points then you will realize that it was the fear of change and getting failed in the new job which was stopping you from taking a leap in your career.

It is wise to go for more the job that you want to do not what others want to get done from you.

So, get out there, face the world and try to live in your world rather than one that others want you to live in.

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