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Many of us have engaged typical goal design; we think about a desire or state of being in the future, and then create goals to get ourselves to that place.

But, how many people have designed a goal in this typical way, completed the goal, and then realized that it felt empty, meaningless, and was an extremely exhausting process? ….. Not very inspiring, right?!

That exact rift is where values-driven goal design can disrupt and enhance the engineering of goals.

Values-driven goals are reverse engineered goals. We start with our values; what matters most to us and, then we use these values as a filter to look into the future and decide what we want most and what is going to fire us up to accomplish.

The process of creating values-driven goals is an energizing, fulfilling, and powerful journey.  

Throughout this three-step journey of values-driven goal design, you will be encouraged to take a deep dive inwards and uncover some of your core values. The outcome will prove to be far more meaningful, inspiring, and worthwhile.

Now that I have you all fired up about this amazing way of designing goals, let’s get started.

The Three Steps to Designing Values-Driven Goals are:

1. Know What Your Values are

You must get to know and get connected with what matters to you most. Your values are the foundation of this whole process, so we want to make sure that they are rock solid and add significant meaning to your being.

This can be a challenging task, but the end reward that comes from getting clear on your values is something that cannot be outweighed and never loses its significance.

This is also not a one and done type of deal. Just as we evolve and grow, so do our values. What may have been important to us at one point in time may lose its significance as something else takes its place. The process of value exploration should be ongoing and iterative.

2. Determine What Areas Your Values are Being Lived in

After we have determined what our values are, the next step getting clear on how thoroughly those values are being lived in all areas of your life.

It’s time that we take stock of all of the areas in our life and discover where those core values are being lived.

As Walt Whitman said, “Be curious, not judgmental.” During this process, I encourage you to leave judgment at the door and take an unfiltered view of your life to unveil some exciting data.

This process will help you to discover areas where your values are not being fully lived; these gaps then provide us with an epic, exciting opportunity to create goals that will have a powerful impact on your life.

3. Set the Goal

Now that you have revealed your values and the areas of your life that you would like to see those values more fully lived, we are ready to set the goal.

Setting values-driven goals are no different from setting regular goals, we still want them to be specific, timely, energizing, and connected to our vision. The key is the reverse engineering by starting with your values first. We now have the essentials for making this journey to our end goal enjoyable, meaningful, and exhilarating.

You will see and feel the euphoric difference along the journey and past the end destination.

If this process has you inspired, there’s icing on the cake – five-way wins.

Five-way wins are goals that have an impact on more than one focus area. I like to work with five focus areas to keep things manageable and concise. When we design a goal that can impact all five focus areas, we have created a five-way win and, that is a high performing goal that will maximize your ROI and effectively leverage your time.

Five-way wins maximize time, energy, and resources; they are the quintessential values-driven goal.

When you have designed values-driven goals while looking for five ways wins you will find that your goals support one another and the process of working towards the goal is just as fulfilling as the final destination.


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Kristin Constable is a professional leadership and business coach and Founder of Winning Defined by You, a coaching, consulting, and leadership development company. Kristin is passionate about unlocking the full potential in organizations, teams, and leaders so that they can disrupt their industries and win at what they do. Check out her Youtube Video or join her at The Winning Academy for more resources on being The Architect of Your Life.

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