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Cloud computing, which is accessing the program or the data over the internet, is widely used by organizations across the world for better business results. Along with offering scalability, agility, and flexibility, it helps companies in improving the productivity of an employee.

The technology has made the concept of the mobile workforce popular, where the workers can work from anywhere across the world even while traveling, attending any crucial meeting or catching up with a customer, etc.

There are different types of cloud services that are being used by various organizations across the world. The below statistical diagram shows the popular ones which are used by companies:

Chart Showing Adoption of Cloud Technology

Almost 77% of the organizations are using the SaaS cloud-based service, followed by IaaS, which is used by 54% of the organizations.  SaaS, as a useful cloud platform, completely eliminates the need for installing and running the applications on individual computers.

The major benefits of using the SaaS are that it increases productivity and efficiency, helps to save the time and effort invested in a specific project.

The major cloud projects which are increasingly executed are:

  • Microsoft Office 365 into the cloud
  • The disaster recovery system and the cloud-based data back-up
  • Developing the cloud-based storage infrastructure as the default resource in organizations

The different ways through which cloud computing can improve productivity are:

1) Increasing Accessibility

As the cloud is accessed via the internet; one can access all the files from anywhere across the world. The only requirement one should have is a fast internet connection.

Most of the employees nowadays prefer to work from home; in this scenario, the cloud provides them the right flexibility to work as per their convenience. They need not travel for long hours to reach their workplace, thus improving overall productivity. They can access the data which they need and effectively work remotely. The vital requirement is the internet. Most of the available cloud services provide mobile apps that help access the data from smartphones. The user can access the data from anywhere and at any time with the help of these applications.

It is also found, 75% of the people prefer to work remotely as it reduces the distraction level. AT&T, the American conglomerate, estimated that it got an additional five hours of work in a week, from employees working from home.

Now after the COVID-19 outbreak, cloud computing is helping many IT employees and others to work remotely. They can work as usual from anyplace, considering they have a good internet connection.

2) Supporting the Collaboration

Cloud computing supports collaborative work and helps employees to stay connected, irrespective of their location. With the free flow of information in an organization, it becomes easier for increasing productivity.

Some of the major benefits of the collaboration are:

  • Streamlining and synchronizing the work to be completed.
  • Increasing control over many projects.
  • Good brainstorming and improved communication.
  • The real-time updates leading to enhanced productivity.

The Office apps like Microsoft Office 365, always offer better connectivity and has gone a step forward in integrating the features such as phone call, chat, and video into the cloud so that different teams of an organization can effectively connect for better communication.

As per a finding, collaboration technologies help to improve the performance of the organization by 400%.

In another finding, almost 82% of the business leaders in a poll, stated that cloud computing enables a faster execution process. When there is an enhanced and streamlined approach to reach the target, it helps to increase employee satisfaction leading to better business output.

3) Automation of the Process

Automation has become more than a buzz word. The technology is increasingly used in many organizations, as it reduces the overall time for completing a task. In cloud computing also, many of the processes are automated, be it from the server back-up to the application updates. Automation helps to reduce the number of internal resources being used for the functioning of the mentioned process.

The cloud computing technology also helps to provide accurate technical documents to the employees. Many times, it has been observed that employees in an organization do not find the right technical documents to guide them through the process. Cloud computing helps the team by bringing all the required documents in a single place. It facilitates complete access, thus saving time.

4) Increasing Security

Security has been a major problem in many organizations, be it small, mid-sized, or large enterprises. The rapid use of technology has further increased this concern, as businesses are worried about cyber criminals misusing the technology for their benefits. Cloud computing helps in preventing any data theft and hardware failure. With the help of this technology, the security is managed by a team of professionals, who are experts in understanding the difficult and complex scenario of the environment.

How does it improve the productivity of an employee?

The high number of security breaches, online attacks that have forced organizations to ramp up their cybersecurity services also increases the downtime. It thus restricts the employees from gaining access to the required data. A tight cybersecurity service is essential not only for restricting the theft of data but also in improving the productivity of the employee.

Many cloud service providers have high-security service that prevents such attacks and threats, and even if they happen, the system can bounce back quickly. Thus this security as a service in the cloud computing model helps to improve productivity.

As per a report by Dell, the companies which invested in the cloud, security, and big data have witnessed 53% faster revenue as compared to their competitors.

An Individual Using VPN Service

5) Providing Required Transparency

As known, one cannot manage the thing that cannot be measured. There is a time tracking software in the cloud-based system, that gives better visibility of how the employees in an organization are using their time.

This solution has the expense management capabilities and the integrated resource utilization that helps in boosting productivity. It thus improves delivery and project management.

6) Improving the Scheduling Process

When the resources are not fully utilized, it can lead to the loss of money. In the same way, if the scheduling process is not streamlined properly, then it can lead to overloading the work on the talented employees, who may later leave the organization.

With cloud computing, it helps in improving the scheduling process. A more streamlined and effective approach can help to enhance the productivity of the employee.

7) Easy to Manage Big Data

Cloud computing helps to manage big data efficiently. It has been observed that the traditional data storage system does not accurately help the employees in carrying out advanced analysis of the available databases. Anywhere in the work environment, one needs to analyze the data, scenario, environment, so that the right decision can be made.

The technology helps to share the real-time analytics and data across all the departments of an organization for a seamless decision-making process with minimal errors.

Cloud computing also helps to provide the required tools for sorting the unstructured data efficiently. This helps the employees to execute their analysis efficiently.

8) Recovery and Back-up

Most of the small businesses are failing badly in backing up their environments and most of these businesses do not execute any back-up service. The number of incomplete back-ups can lead to loss and damage, which can impact the overall productivity of an employee.

 Cloud computing provides the required back-up and recovery system that helps to improve the results in the long-term.

When the necessary records of the company are available in the cloud, it becomes easier to retrieve the data from the same, without putting much effort, and spending time and money.

Smaller businesses that do not have the required resource for retrieving the data, cloud computing can act as a perfect solution for safeguarding their data by its useful storage solutions.

9) Lowering the Management and Marketing Costs

Cloud computing is one of the cost-effective methods for running the process in an organization. The mandatory things for cloud computing are, a system, a web browser, and the broadband internet connection having high speed.

The convenience of the initial set up of the cloud infrastructure in a small or start-up organization makes cloud computing popular among the majority of the organizations. The pay-as-you-go service or the subscription models helps to reduce the investment on the operational and infrastructural costs.

The money saved can be further used in the marketing and product development process. When the organization makes proper utilization of the money and invest in the necessary processes, it builds up a healthy work culture leading to employee satisfaction and better performance.

10) Eliminating IT Problems

Every now and then, many organizations face the regular IT issues, which sometimes consumes a lot of time for getting resolved. The cloud computing service is a boon for these organizations as it hugely eliminates the IT problems. When the complex IT issues are resolved at the earliest, then it automatically saves time and improves the productivity of the employee.

Cloud Computing Infrastructure

11) Improving Business Competitiveness

Many businesses have stated that cloud computing has helped them to gain a competitive advantage in the market. We already know how cloud computing helps to increase the productivity of an employee, but how is it related to the performance of an organization?

It is as simple when an employee performs well at his job, it improves the performance of an organization.  The cloud helps the employees in the right technique to be used for developing the products as per the requirements of the customer. It is very useful for small companies as the cloud helps them with the right platform for competing with larger companies. They can now develop their products at a faster rate and bring it to the market.

Many CIOs around the world are using the cloud infrastructure for reducing IT infrastructural costs.

12) The Automatic Software Updates

As known, many times, the software updates take many hours, thus dragging down employee productivity. Cloud computing does all the security updates along with the server maintenance so that employees can focus on other crucial tasks.

13) Bring-Your-Own-Device Concept

Ever heard of the BYOD concept?

Bring your own device strategy helps companies to make efficient use of cloud technology. It, at the same time, helps employees in making the right use of gadgets at work.

Cloud computing has revolutionized the concept of white-collar office work. As per CIO research, it has been found that almost 70% of the workers had a belief that providing flexibility and choices in technology can lead to a satisfied and motivated workforce.

14) Attracting the Right Talent

 In an era, where there is a shortage of skilled workers, every organization needs to understand that they need the right technology for retaining talented workers so that it will make them satisfied and fulfilling at work.

 The cloud computing technology offers the flexibility to work from anywhere across the world. It also helps an organization to attract the right talent for their business projects. The ability to share the information on a real-time basis is also helping organizations for hiring talent from cities where they can provide lower wages.

15) Ability to React Quickly

 Cloud computing also helps employees the ability to react quickly. In a dynamic work environment, where employees have to adapt quickly to the changes executed in the process, cloud computing makes their work easier.

Any employee in a company has the pressure to perform their best, so it is necessary to implement the latest technology that makes the process more performance-oriented. This technology has also been stated to accelerate the fourth industrial revolution.

 So, any enterprise big or small, if they have not implemented this technology in their process, then they need to catch up with the rest of the world.


The usage of cloud computing would accelerate in the coming years, with businesses looking for different ways to improve the productivity of an employee. As mentioned before, when you improve the productivity of an employee, it helps to improve the overall business results of the organization.

Organizations across the world are looking for innovative methods to cut down the costs, produce better products acceptable by the consumers across the world, which will help them in achieving their target at the right time.

In such a scenario, they need to check employees are provided with the required IT infrastructure, to perform their best for developing better products.

Cloud computing, as modern technology, replaces the traditional IT system convincingly and makes the system more streamlined and seamless to improve the productivity of an employee.

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