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Some of us have aspirations of moving up the career ladder, where others are happy and content with being where they are.

If you’re one of those people who’d like to move up, here are some ways to improve your chances of getting a promotion.

1. Become Indispensable

As a company, the larger they become, the easier it can be to forget about the value of certain staff members.

No matter how big your company gets, you want to remain a valued member of staff, and you also want to make yourself indispensable. This means that you are someone that your company will never want to lose. There are a few ways to do this.

Offer to take on some more work when the company is thinking about recruiting. In small businesses, particularly, full-cycle recruiting is one they may look at.

What is full-cycle recruiting? Well, it’s someone who focuses their full attention on finding someone perfect for the job. Instead of them doing that, you can step in when that opportunity arises to help out.

2. Build Your Relationship With the Manager

When you want that promotion, your manager is likely to have some influence over it.

Building your relationship with the manager can go two ways, it can be tough, or it can be fairly easy. It’s very much down to how professional you are but finding topics that you can share a common interest with them.

Some promotions may include the input of other staff members higher up and so it’s a good idea to become familiar with those individuals too.

You want to make yourself known to the company, but the main person to get friendly with your manager.

3. Be a Role Model and Inspire Others

As a key member of staff, you can improve your popularity and presence as a staff member by being a role model and inspiring others within the organization.

This is going to make you look very impressive to your bosses if you can encourage and drive your colleagues to have the same mindset and passion that you have for your job.

Give advice and help teach other colleagues who may be needing help and that you have knowledge of what they’re struggling with.

4. Pitch Your Argument When the Time Comes

Time your opportunities wisely. Whether it’s at the start of a financial year or your annual review, pick your moment and prepare.

You want to have a pitch for your argument on why you deserve to be considered for a promotion. List everything you’ve done and contributed to the company.

Touch on places where your job may have increased in workload and mention any financial income that you’ve managed to bring to the table for the company. The more reasons you can give, the better your chances.

Getting a promotion can be difficult and challenging, but if you work hard, impress your colleagues and be a role model to others, you stand a chance.

Stand up for your hard work and pitch well.    



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