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According to statistics, the number of global social media users in 2017 is approximately 2.46 billion and is estimated to reach around 3.02 billion by the year 2021.

It comes as no surprise since social media offers its users several incentives such as the convenience to share contacts, express individual interests and formulate a support system that includes users from around the world.

Social media is popularly labeled as ‘the next big thing’. While these social platforms help you in staying in touch with your loved ones, they can also serve as ideal tools to begin your job search.

According to a survey conducted by CareerBuilder in 2015, out of 2000 recruiters and HR professionals, around 52% revealed that they use social media for conducting a background check of the potential candidates.

One out of three respondents confessed that they have found relevant content on social networking sites that encouraged them to hire an individual.

Around 42% reported that they found information that instigated them to not appoint the applicant and 18% revealed that they discovered information that made them wary about appointing the applicant.

And, according to the latest CareerBuilder survey, the proportion of recruiters who use social media to investigate about a candidate has increased up to 70% in 2017, which is 11% higher from 2016 and 13% higher from 2015. Such is the power of social media on your career and professional life!

Ways Social Media Can Help You Land a Job

Here are some reasons you should exploit the power of social media for job hunting and make your profile stand out:

1. Branding Your Personality

Gone are the days when employers and recruiters used to read pages after pages of resumes and cover letters. Today, with just one click, your potential employer can see your entire profile on LinkedIn. Moreover, what you do on Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms is also available with a single click.

Hence, social media can serve as an excellent tool to present yourself the way you want to. Want to apply for a magazine position? A powerful blog on Tumblr or WordPress showcasing your writing talent can be an excellent addition to the CV.

Looking for an artistic position? Use Instagram photos to portray your photography and creative skills. While your education and experience are vital parameters to gauge your suitability for a job role, it is your persona that seals the deal.

2. Networking

The greater your network is on these social networking platforms, the more chances you have to come across the right job opportunity. Through these websites, you can reach out to thousands of people and learn the power of effective communication daily.

Social media facilitates the users by providing a relaxed learning environment. For instance, if you want to learn something, get in touch with your favorite YouTube blogger.

According to a 2014 survey, around 14% of employers consider a large network or extensive subscriber/follower base as a positive sign. It is believed that if a large number of people are following an individual, then he or she must have something valuable or interesting to share.

Hence, the leadership skills and community engagement of such an individual greatly attract recruiters to hire him or her.

3. Staying Updated

The world of social media is evolving every day. New tools are being implemented and users are constantly encouraged to familiarize themselves with the latest technology for better online networking experience.

Your ability to adapt quickly to these technological advancements has a positive impact on potential employers as it can foster formal and informal training.

Whatever you didn’t learn in college, now is the chance to learn at your own pace through social media. Join various community groups that help you learn new skills and polish your existing talents.

Engage in healthy discussions with professionals who are already in the industry and acquire firsthand knowledge about how the industry works and what prospects it holds for you. Moreover, browse through corporate pages to stay abreast about the latest job openings and current happenings.

4. Real Job Hunting

Nowadays, nearly every company has its own LinkedIn and Facebook page.

Ever wondered why? It’s simple! They want to reach out to millions of users with a single post. In the fast-paced world today, people are no longer interested in signing up on job portals.

Hence, companies and recruiters have resorted to utilizing social media platforms to post job ads. Want to work for your dream company?

Just ‘Follow’ their LinkedIn page to stay updated about their job openings. You never know when you might get lucky.

According to a survey, around 24 percent of recruiters revealed that they appreciate it when potential applicants interact with any of their social media networks. Therefore, check the company’s website to find their social media accounts listed.

Nowadays, almost every company has a corporate blog where it shares its activities and other useful content. Following these blogs and interacting with the company employees via comments and feedback can help you pave your way towards job prospects in that company.

5. Learning about a Company’s Values

Social media can work both ways. It allows potential employers to get an idea about your personality before they hire you. Similarly, it also provides you with ample opportunities to probe deeper about a company by going through their social media accounts. This can help you prepare for an upcoming job interview.

Moreover, most of these corporate social media networks have feedback provided by their customers and those who have done business with them. Any negative feedback can raise a red flag for you to investigate further before landing a job with that particular company.

Final Thoughts

Keeping in mind the cut-throat competition in the professional world, hiring managers are constantly searching for as much information as possible about prospective candidates that might facilitate them in making the right decision.

Instead of disappearing from the online world, job hunters should make their proficient guise evident virtually, and make sure that any information that could discourage potential bosses is kept private or erased.

When employers observe that whatever you have mentioned on your CV is exactly what they found during a background check on social media, they consider you a genuine candidate.

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