Here is a collection of the best Career & Job Search Articles that was posted on various social media channels for the week of August 24th to August 31st 2014.

  1. This Personal Branding was found on Youtern‘s website. This article focuses on how important having an Online Personal Brand can be for your career prospects. It has become a common practice for Employers to Google you online.
  2. Want to know why & how to be active on LinkedIn, here are some Social Media Job-hunting tips by Youtern. Leverage the power of LinkedIn to propel your career.
  3. Networking is not everybody’s cup of tea. With the advent of social media, people have forgotton the Art of Effective Networking. This article by Youtern gives us some specific tips on Effective Networking.
  4. One of the best Job-hunting article I have come across. This article by gives a visual description of everything you need to know about Resume preparation, Job Interviews,etc.
  5. A collection of 101 Career Tips from Mashable.
  6. Top 10 Reasons why your should work as a Freelancer found on
  7. Want to be more Productive? Read this article by Oliver Burkeman. He analyzes the works of historic individual such as Sigmund Freud,Benjamin Franklin,etc., and shares some of the rituals these individuals used to get more quality work done.
  8. Leadership Insights from Employees from various companies that talks about being a better Boss. Original Article by Minda Zetlin through
  9. Recruiting – Jobboard gets $63M in Outside Funding
  10. Recruiting advice – 10 Reasons why should hire Overqualified Candidates.
  11. Career Motivation by Bruce Van Horn.
  12. A fun Career Article by The prospective day-jobs of Super Heroes. Very fun & interesting article..

Hope you enjoyed the best Career articles from the past week…

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