Here is a collection of the best Career & Job Search Articles that was posted on various social media channels for the week of September 1st to September 7th 2014.

  1. Want to improve your LinkedIn profile, here are some tips by Learn how to convert your LinkedIn profile into a powerful CV/Resume.
  2. Learn some of the Networking mistakes to avoid, from this article by Fox Business & Glassdoor.
  3. For those of you who are currently in Internships, here are some tips by TheSavvyIntern on how to turn your Internship into a full-time opportunity.
  4. An interesting article by HelpScout on the importance of Candor in the Workplace.
  5. Recruiting Tips by Sirona Consulting, talks about tips & ideas to use Google Plus for Recruitment.
  6. Interview Questions that Hiring Managers should consider asking.
  7. Some different insights on Goal-setting by Eric Barker of
  8. Productivity Tips – Learn how to get more organized by Jessica Stillman from
  9. Last but not the least – some Career Motivation – a list of quotes by Highly Successful people. Thanks Brian Willett and

Hope you enjoyed the best Career articles from the past week…

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