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Here are the Top 3 of the Most liked, shared and commented posts on the topic of Job Search, for the week of January 11th to January 15th,2016.

i) The 25 Skills That can Get You Hired in 2016

Every year LinkedIn publishes a list of the highly sought after job-related skills. LinkedIn uses extensive global study to compile this data. Although IT related skills usually dominate these annual lists – one new addition to the list is Economics.

ii) The 3 Things that will help you find a job faster

J.T. O’Donnell’s posts usually make it to my weekly or monthly roundup. They are always filled with golden nuggets of wisdom for the job-seeker. Here’s an interesting stat – the average job search takes about 9 months. No wonder it is so frustrating. She shares the 3 Cs (Content,Coaching, Community) that will help speed up the job search process.

iii) What I learned from my Job Search

If you are a new graduate entering the job market, then this post by Shelcy Joseph will give you some new insights & much needed motivation. Job Search can take time, and sometimes can be very frustrating. However don’t get disheartened. Shelcy shares her personal experiences and the challenges she faced. And also the key lessons she learnt in the process.


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