Here are the Top 3 of the Most liked,shared and commented posts on Leadership, for the week of January 11th to January 15th,2016.

i) 6 Things Great Leaders do Differently

I have often showcased Dr. Travis Bradberry‘s posts in the monthly and weekly roundups. He always shares original and valuable insights. In this post, he talks about some of the things that make some leaders better than others. He cites the example of Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz. Some of the characteristics that is discussed here are the importance of kindness, strength and composure.

ii) The Right Way to Hold People Accountable

Perhaps you have faced this scenario with either your subordinates or even your bosses. From time to time there is a disconnect between the deliverables and the expectations in your workplace. Accountability is always a change. Peter Bregman gives us the importance of clarity , and how being clear in every aspect of the job or project helps with accountability. And this in-turn produces positive outcomes.

iii) 10 Leadership Traits from IAF Pilots

In this post, Israel Defense Forces share the traits that they have learnt from their Pilots. Being a Pilot in the Air Force is a daunting task – not everyone can make the cut. My favourite trait from this list is the importance of being a good example for others to follow. This holds you in high standards, and you are constantly striving to improve yourself.


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