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An important factor in taking your career to the next level is goal-setting because objectives will keep you focused on important tasks and motivate you to strive for excellence.

Goals will also improve your project’s success by setting smaller daily tasks to accomplish a larger objective. By writing your goals down and sharing them with a friend, you are 70 percent more likely to succeed according to a recent study by Dr. Gail Mathews.

To increase the effectiveness of your goals make them SMART which means they should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound.

SMART goals prioritize projects and tasks, increases an employee’s worth by valuing their input, and allows them to measure the impact of their efforts.

When working with a team, goals will improve cohesion, because coworkers will realize the only way to succeed is by helping each other. High-performing organizations successfully complete more than 80 percent of their projects while low-performers only complete 36 percent.

Likewise, when goals are tied to external awards and recognition, it can increase an employee’s motivation. Companies with higher levels of employee engagement have 50 percent higher sales and 50 percent higher customer loyalty levels.

If you are a leader in your organization, these types of goals can help improve your team’s project success rate by improving communication, delegating tasks, providing constructive and meaningful feedback, and showcasing positive progress.

A successful career is something everyone wants to achieve, but only a few find a job that they really love and enjoy. SMART goals can help you realize your true passion, find a new career, or keep the one you already have and rise through the ranks.

Check out the following infographic from Brandeis University’s Masters in Project Management to learn more about the power of goal-setting and the benefits of SMART goals.  

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Andrew Deen has been a consultant for startups in almost every industry from retail to medical devices and everything in between. He implements lean methodology and currently writing a book about scaling up business.

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