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ITIL or Information Technology Infrastructure Library is the information technology service management software framework. It was created in order to make the IT services more useful for businesses and for aligning them with the business processes.

The integration, implementation, and configuration of the ITIL framework within the business organizations ensure that the company is competent and delivers valuable results. Also, it can also plan and measure the outcomes. Apart from the processes, ITIL also measures the performance-related and other improvements and helps in better compliance with the standards.

The ITIL certification holders help businesses provide network administration and server services to those they want to. The professionals also work in the “back-end” IT jobs and processes (corporate websites and emails among others). ITIL framework helps companies follow the standard best practices and improve their quality while being cost-effective.

ITIL also ensures that a business can also be more flexible to the changes that relate to its external and internal environment. Hence the ITIL education and expertise are fruitful for modern businesses in multiple ways. Consequently, the ITIL certification holders are awarded high salaries in lieu of their expertise, knowledge, and skills.

Who Should Do the ITIL Certification?

The ITIL training and certification can be acquired through the classroom study and virtual It institutes, while you can also do self-study. It shows that the person has the knowledge and skills that relate to ITIL structure and terminology. And is aware of the core principles and subject areas relating to the subject, which is the use of ITIL technology towards the management of business services. The certification is fruitful for:

  • Those who possess the basic knowledge of ITIL and want to use it towards the management of the service-related operation in any business organization.
  • The IT professionals who want to bring in positive changes (like cost efficiency) in any business organization.

Some professionals who should take the ITIL course are:

  • The IT managers and Directors
  • IT service executives and managers
  • IT technical support professionals and engineers
  • Service-support engineers
  • Quality analysts
  • Operations managers
  • Database administrators
  • The owners of business processes

Apart from these, anyone who has a keen interest in knowing the benefits of IT towards business originations can do the course. Those who are already working in the IT profession and wish to enhance their skills, gain expertise in service management, and want to attain a higher salary and position can also do the course.

an example of a graduate certificate

Apart from the certificationitself, one also gets 2 credits when he or she completes the certification successfully. As there is no eligibility criterion towards attaining the certification, the course is open to all.

Why Should One Attain the ITIL Certification

The ITIL certification is a comprehensive course that is completed through 180 days of self-paced learning. There are 4 different levels of the certification including the foundation, practitioner, intermediate, expert, and the master level. The courses focus on the different management related lifecycles of the ITIL service, interactions, outcomes, processes, and the best practices involved. The benefits of the course include:

  • The student gains a thorough understanding of the objectives of service strategy, operations, transition, and can improve the processes continually.
  • The certification holder can apply the different ITIL tools and concepts and can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the business operations while ensuring a more optimized consumer/customer experience.
  • One can also save the associated costs by centralizing the various business activities.
  • Making of the “fit for use” and “fit for purpose” processes that deliver exceptional value and make for a loyal customer base while enhancing the reputation of a business organization.
  • Optimized and efficient delivery of the services that relate to the third parties.

There are a number of other benefits related to the usage of ITIL. You can make your resume stand apart. Your expertise will help organizations (including the Fortune 500 companies and the MNCs) succeed in achieving their goals while achieving sustainability and value, once you get the ITIL certification.

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