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How safe is your job? As a result of the recent crisis, there’s a global change that is also happening with the way people approach their jobs! The COVID-19 led countrywide lockdown has forced IT professionals to work from home. What about others? Even before the COVID-19 became a factor, people were welcoming remote work as they said goodbye to their commute to work.

Here are some work from home statistics from Flexjobs:

  • 90% of employees say more flexible arrangements in remote work would increase morale.
  • 80% of remote workers experience less stress than working from the office.
  • Remote workers make $4K more than other working from their office.
  • Work from home jobs is more environmentally friendly.

So, what explains the change? Do people really enjoy remote work? As a benefit to remote work – your office can be anywhere including your favorite coffee shop, living room, or even your favorite theme park! Plus you will save more money. As you are working from home you will cut your travel expenses, and build your wardrobe! If a white-collar setup is not your style, remote work will save you. You don’t have to polish your shoes every day, don’t have to select matching outfits with your shoes or anything like that!

And your work schedule can be your own! Especially, as per your role, for example, if you are a software developer or web designer you will probably have a deadline to complete your project. This means you can work at any time you feel like you are most productive! You can learn more skills and will become independent on your own! In the office, you may have your colleagues to help you do some difficult work or another specialized team to solve some issues, but when you work from home you will find your own ways to solve the issues! And this way, you will learn additional skills on how to do things!

If you hate office politics, choosing remote work will be your best option here! You may not have colleagues as your best friends when you work remotely, but remote workers tend to skip the gossiping and work more productively! Additionally, you will have more time to spend with your family and friends! In a way, this is the main reason most people choose remote work! Here are some Remote working jobs with great benefits:

1. SEO Specialist

In today’s world, everyone is turning to digital and owns a website! If you have enough experience in the field of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), or if you know how things were done then you can choose to become a remote SEO specialist! If you know how to apply SEO strategies to improve a website’s rankings in Google’s search result, you can take that as your advantage!

To become an expert in this field you must have proper knowledge of how link building works, how to implement on-page and off-page strategies, how to increase organic traffic, and do proper keyword research! You can find freelance jobs from Upwork, Freelancer, and other websites!

2. Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer drawing on his notebook

There are a couple of routes you can take with graphic design as your work from home career option. If you have enough practice in the field, you can start your own freelance business or you can work for a design agency as a freelance employee.

Most of the in-house companies will require you to have an advanced degree in graphic design with proper work experience in the field, which is the main reason why many graphic designers choose to go out on their own. You can look for graphic designer jobs through the following sites: Behance, Envato Studio, DesignCrowd, Dribbble, and so on.

3. Musical Instructor

Becoming a work from home musical instructor is very common these days. You’ll need a postgraduate qualification or a recognized profile as a trained performer, with enough teaching experience, to be a virtual music instructor.

There are no regulations on being a virtual music instructor although you must be able to communicate ideas about theory, posture, and music in a way that is easy to understand. Being a recognizable instructor is not an easy task, and having a professional degree or experience with music lessons will help you with your online musical instructor journey. Conversely, if you are teaching high-level students you will need high-level credentials.

4. Healthcare Provider or Physician

The number of physicians who choose to work from home for work in part-time positions and personal life-balance reasons is increasing these days. Working from home is an excellent option for burned-out physicians as they can schedule their practice at any time they feel like it. Writing, telemedicine, and teaching are all available options for physicians to work remotely from home online.

Moreover, telemedicine jobs are more flexible and it can contribute to a part-time supplemental revenue or provide a full-time salary. You can find a favorable telemedicine career option from HealthTap, BreakThrough, American Well, Doctor on Demand, WellPsyche, and so on.

5. Child Caregiver

Those who love children will definitely love to start a child caregiver facility. Many parents who do work from a home office or do freelance often struggle with the dilemma of how to get their job done while their kids are in the house.

And they seek extra child care support for their children. To start your own work from home child care service, ensure your policies are straight and you provide at most care for the children. Schedule the children’s day’s plan including naptime, entertainment, feeding, and education time to keep them engaged. Also, make sure that you receive the correct permits and licenses.

6. Affiliate Marketer

Instagram Marketing

Sitting in the comfort level of your home and getting a chance to earn more money is something great. That’s why affiliate marketing is a good option. Affiliate marketing is where an affiliate earns a percentage of commission for marketing another company’s or person’s products.

All you have to do is have the basic idea of how to promote the product through videos, vlogs, blogs, and social media. You might have to start a website or youtube channel to promote the products. This is a perfect job you can do without ever getting out of your pajamas.

7. Chef or Baker

Do you love baking? Have a passion for delicious foods? Then great news! There is a lot of work from home cooking careers available for you! One of the greatest things with this work at home option is that it doesn’t require you to have any specialized degree!

If you have the passion you can find so many options in the culinary industry, as you can teach or sell cooking classes online, earn money as a recipe writer, become a food blogger or vlogger, publish a detailed cooking channel on YouTube or just sell your delicious foods to nearby bakery or sweetshop!

8. Vlogging

Vlogging is an inexpensive way to start your career. All you have to do is create your YouTube channel and upload more entertaining videos. In fact, vlogging gives you a variety of options, are you a traveler who spends most of your time traveling, you can create a traveling vlog featuring all the details including how you reached that destination, what are the specialties there, where to go and what you need to see, and other traveling hacks.

Or you prefer to stay at home? There are still plenty of niches to start your vlog including cooking shows, craft projects, makeup tutorials, unpacking videos, reaction videos, and so on. You can choose your specific niche and start your own vlogging. If you like to write more about your experience, you can also start blogging as your career path.

9. Handmade Crafter

Are you good at crafting? Are you good at making accessories, furniture, gift boxes, painting, or anything handmade? Then this career option is here you! This doesn’t require you to take any extra time to complete this job. Crafting might be a part of your hobby but if you look around on handmade sites like Etsy you will find many people are there selling their craft works!

Create something that people actually want to buy – when creating something to satisfy your own mind to creating something that wants to be sold, there is a difference! You can start your store on Etsy, ArtFire, eCrater, Folksy, Misi, and so on.

10. Medical Transcriptionist or Transcriber

medical transcriptionist

You may have already heard about medical transcription and its possibilities of work from home options before! You need to be a really good listener and typist in order to make a decent living. The data should be accurate as it is further used for medical purposes. To become a medical transcriptor you have to take and pass a medical transcription test.

Demand for general transcription is also growing nowadays, and it doesn’t require you to have any special certificates! For medical transcription, some companies may require you to have proper work experience in the field. There are sites such as Simplyhired and Upwork offers online medical transcription job opportunities.

11. Renter

Do you have an extra car that you don’t drive? What about an extra bedroom? You can turn your extra possessions into money-making assets! Renting out your extra possessions is really helpful if you’re living in a place that catches tourist attraction! If you don’t have an extra house or room, consider turning your garage space or extending your house to include a bedroom facility! If the rules allow, build a separate structure that both offers comfort and all the facilities to the guests! If your place is big enough, you can run a bed and breakfast amenity.

Earn some extra income using your vehicles – tourists are there for a reason – to get to know about the culture, nature, and whatever they are interested in! If your vehicle is not getting much use, try lending it out to your guests! If you’re not comfortable renting out your car, you can also become a paid driver!

12. Virtual Assistant

By remotely working as a virtual assistant you can handle all the basic duties of an assistant including calendar management, replying and scheduling replies to emails, entering office-related data, and further assisting with social media and telephonic inquiries.

Based on your experience and interest you can choose to become a virtual assistant in the following category – administrative, programming, design, financial, and digital marketing. You should have at least the basic qualities of a virtual assistant – such as communication skills, honesty, and the technical know-how of everything.

13. Programmer

Programming or coding is one of the most demanding skills in the digital age. If you are a programmer who is tired of all those large grey cubicle walls, that morning commute, and that very loud keypad typer one seat down?

A remote programming job opportunity will still help you to pay the bills and avoid that cramped office space. You can find remote programming jobs on WeWorkRemotely, SkillCrush, Upwork, College grad, Freelancer, and so on. Whether you choose to work remotely or not there will be plenty of opportunities available for a skilled programmer on the web. Or you can develop a game or teach coding to other people on the web.

14. Animator

computer programmer doing coding at work

Are you an artist or an animator? Have you ever seriously thought about a career in animation? If you have at least the basic skills to be an animator you can follow your career in the animation field. Basic skills include drawing skills, patience, and attention to detail, ability to meet deadlines, creativity, and imagination.

Starters might take some time to get recognized in the field but if you have the right skills at the peak you will get good chances of getting identified in the field. Dedicate yourself to developing your skills and create an impressive resume. Having a variety of work experience in the field will help you get more remote work.

15. Pet Groomer

Do you love being around animals? Well, who wouldn’t love animals, right? To become an official pet groomer a high school diploma is required and additionally, you might have to learn through an apprenticeship or on-the-job training to understand how the grooming works for pets. As you can know, your main duty is to maintain the pets’ physical appearance and hygiene.

It includes cleaning their ears, shaping their fur, clipping nails, bathing, drying, and styling fur. Before getting into the pet groom business, decide what type of pets are you planning to groom, what are the qualifications and certificates you needed, and also ensure your insurance policy.

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