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Nowadays, the interviewers of the leading companies put maximum importance on the attractiveness of the resume or CV. They gain an idea about the interviewee from the resume.

In many cases, the companies hire only shortlisted candidates for the interview. In such cases, the resume of an interviewee must be very attractive, professional and precise with all necessary information about the candidate.

As suggested by leading CV help consultants CV Folks the CVs have changed over the period of time and one need to keep themselves updated with the latest trends to boost their chances of securing their dream job.

In this article, the key points are elaborately discussed in order to make an ordinary resume attractive and professional.

Loopholes of ordinary resume

Irrelevant information

The ordinary chronological resume has some specific limitations. It must be done in a specific pattern and in order. Sometimes, irrelevant information is also added with this kind of resume and makes it unnecessarily long. The job may not need all the information of the resume but as it follows a specific pattern, it has to include all the information of the candidate.

Truth revelling

The ordinary chronological resume can be truth revealing at a time. If the candidate has a certain flaw in the professional life like a sudden break in the career, sudden resignation from the previous job or frequent changing of the jobs etc.

In this kind of resume, one has to write about every minute detail of the professional life. In certain cases, the candidate may not get the job after the revelation of such kind of truths.

Less scope for any moderation

In this type of resume, there is very limited scope for further moderation in the pattern. The candidate can intend to add a graph of the professional career but the form or format of this CV declines the idea.

Advantages of moderate professional resume



Universal format

On the other hand, the pattern of the moderate professional web resume is universal. With this kind of resume, one can apply for any kind of job anywhere in the world.

Eye catching

The professional resume can be proved as very eye catching for the interviewers. The interviewers prefer precise, smart resume of the candidates with all necessary information about them.


The companies can access the professional web resume at any time in a day. If by following the right resume tips, a candidate makes the resume following the web professional pattern, then the possibility of acquiring job increases (Jobs.telegraph.co.uk. 2016).

Key tips for an effective results-driven resume

Maintain the cleanliness

The cleanliness of the resume should be maintained with proper margins, borderlines. One can also use bullets to highlight some important points. The name of the previous companies can be italicised.

The HR department of a company first comes into contact with the resume and can interpret the personality of the candidate from the resume. Therefore, the resume can determine the future of a candidate. The entire resume should be crisp and precise.

Highlighting the key skills

The key skills of a candidate should be highlighted so that the company can find the candidate easily and hire for the interview as per their requirements. In this way, the candidates can also specify their specific regime of work and can avoid the multitasking in the future.

Therefore, it is important to specify the key skills for both the interviewers and the interviewees (Pozniak, 2016).

Clarify the industry

The candidates should clarify the specific industry related to their academic qualification. In this way, much confusion can be skipped. It will also help the company to easily find the deserved candidate according to the industry. Otherwise, the candidate will face humiliation even after selected in the interview.

Summary of the whole career

The candidate must summarise the whole academic and professional career. The candidate can not skip any detail about the professional life. This will help the interviewer to have an overall idea about the ability of the candidate. This summary will help the candidate to determine a higher designation after being selected for the job (BBC News. 2016).


In order to grab the best job in the professional field, one has to make the resume or CV look professional and smart. From the above-discussed topic, one can have a clear idea about the effectiveness of the professional resume and the loopholes of the ordinary resume.

With the help of the discussed key points, one can make required changes in the ordinary resume and can secure a job according to the choice.

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