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We’re going to discuss, if you please, in the ensuing sections, the 5 great alternatives for YouTube.

We may appear, in the eyes of many, as mad. What’s the need for the alternatives?

YouTube was the second most visited website in 2019. Plus, it is still the best video platform.

Five or seven years back, for small and big businesses, YouTube was the place to be.

And, the platform was enough for branding and customer engagement. But, not anymore.

For those looking for options other than YouTube, here are 5 great alternatives:

What Can Business Specific Video Platforms Do for You?

Before we jump to the video hosting services, you should know why you need niche platforms and what they can do for your business.

Here are the benefits:

1. Support Branding Strategy

The platforms ensure that not just the video but the player too help promote your brand.

This is made possible by full customization, enabling you to insert a logo, modify controls, and change the player color.

2. Provide Access Control and Better Privacy

Control over who accesses the video, when, and where is vital for business.

Niche video platforms give businesses the tools to limit access and create passwords to decide the content’s ideal audience.

3. Enhance User Experience

Video platforms ensure the audience only focuses on your videos.

Some or all of the services mentioned here remove advertisements suggested videos, and other distracting elements so the audience has the best user experience.

4. Better Analytics That Provides Actionable Data

We’re long past the age where likes, shares, and comments were considered credible metrics to measure video interaction and engagement.

Nowadays, businesses need advanced video marketing statistics and real-time data that these platforms offer to capture valuable insights that marketers can use.

5 Best Alternatives to Youtube

1. SproutVideo


For those that are less tech-savvy, looking for a video hosting platform that takes their video content and makes something special, SproutVideo is a godsend.

SproutVideo gives a professional touch to your in-house videos. Plus, it does a lot more to increase the reach and impact of your videos.

The platform gives the users total control over the look and feel of their video.

Just the video player function is packed with features.

For one, you don’t have to go with the default look. The color of the player could be changed to match your branding efforts.

Zero coding skill is required to embed the video on CMS platforms such as Squarespace, WordPress, Shopify, and more.

Enter the settings. The platform will generate embed codes for email campaigns, lightbox, and websites in seconds.

Unlike YouTube, SproutVideo gives you total control over the video.

It’s your content; you should choose who can and cannot access the video.

You get to define the audience and decide how they access the videos for both live and on-demand videos. 

Leverage the power of video marketing by adding in-player CTAs and post-play screens.

The powerful SEO and online marketing tools provided by the platform give you the best chance to reach more people and engage them at the time and place you want.

SproutVideo also allows you to integrate the video content with other top marketing platforms such as MailChimp, Zapier, HubSpot, etc.

How effective is your content and strategy in action?

Thanks to the powerful analytics of SproutVideo, you get access to metrics you never had before.

Along with the standard metrics such as ‘currently watching,’ ‘peak views,’ and ‘unique visitors’, you also learn about the ‘drop-out points,’ ‘completion rates,’ and ‘average time watched.’

All these wonderful features can be overwhelming to new users. Its biggest strength is, in a way, a weakness.

First-time users might take some time to master the dashboard.

After the free trial period of 30 days, users will have to pick a paid package to continue on the platform.

All plans offer 500GB of storage and bandwidth. You’ll have to pay extra once you exceed the limit.



IGTV is a social media platform exclusively for long-form video content with more than a billion users per month. It’s prevalent. We get a ton of requests from clients to crop videos to vertical format instead of horizontally just so that they can put them on IGTV.

If your business has benefited from YouTube, then you’ll definitely like IGTV, which combines the power of the video-sharing platform and Instagram – one of the fastest-growing social media.

Publishing videos on IGTV will also give you the first-mover advantage. IGTV is a relatively new video platform with immense untapped potential.

Although businesses, both small and big, have a strong presence on Instagram, not many migrated to IGTV.

Hence, the competition is quite low on IGTV, which presents a real opportunity for anyone looking for alternatives for YouTube.

Similar to Instagram, IGTV comes with all the features that help generate engagement.

You can use compelling content to earn more likes, shares, and comments.

IGTV also supports lead generation by allowing clickable links in the description.

Users can use links to direct the viewers to the landing pages.

Videos can be uploaded to IGTV directly from the app, Instagram app, or website.

Like any video you upload on YouTube, you can add title and description to the videos.

Since Facebook owns IGTV, users have the option to display IGTV videos on their Facebook page.

The idea behind IGTV is to bring the TV experience to your phone.

Hence, the videos play full screen and appear vertical to match your phone.

The Instagram app restricts the video lengths to less than a minute.

On IGTV, you get all the features and functions of Instagram plus the capability to upload long videos, up to 60 minutes.

For businesses, IGTV can be a great place to entertain, educate, and inspire creative video content people.

The IGTV series feature allows users to string multiple clips one after the other to create a new video series.

Users can also promote their videos on IGTV and Instagram using appropriate hashtags.

With the help of influencer marketing agencies, IGTV is the ideal place to use influencer marketing videos. 

Like YouTube, this Instagram video platform is ideal to market your business using tutorials, Q & A sessions, live events, and behind the scenes videos.

3. Vimeo


For businesses searching for a platform to promote their creative content, there is no place better than Vimeo.

A community that hosts some of the best creators, Vimeo boasts of having better business and professional-created videos than YouTube.

Vimeo videos are known for their quality; users can create 4K videos and share them on the tablet, mobile, TV, and desktop.

The platform also allows the uploading of 360-degree videos with custom controls.

Businesses can make the Vimeo video player their own by adding a logo, changing player color, tweak the player size, and even decide the videos that would play next.

On Vimeo, you could also create a virtual team (up to 10 members) and use them to manage the channel and market the videos.

Also, businesses can hire animation companies to create creative marketing videos. These would be quite a hit on Vimeo.

The platform offers domain-level privacy to its users, including password protection.

Users can safely share videos on social media sites, including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Business videos created, edited, or stored on Dropbox, Final Cut Pro, and Adobe Premiere Pro can be directly uploaded to Vimeo.

The powerful features of Vimeo allow easy lead generation and conversions.

You can use the auto-generated embed code to display your videos anywhere online.

Businesses can use videos on Vimeo for lead generation by adding call to action in video players.

Plus, you can capture email addresses and sync the same with external email marketing software.

The platform offers a business plan with unlimited weekly storage and total storage of up to 5TB for businesses.

This extremely user-friendly video hosting platform is quite powerful too. You can use Google Analytics to track performance.

Advanced tracking data such as new viewers, watch time drop off, and a slew of engagement metrics are available at one convenient place.

Businesses and their video marketing teams can use this valuable data to edit and optimize the videos to increase their impact.

4. Dacast


Don’t want to mix your video content with all the cat and recipe videos on YouTube?

Dacast is a versatile video hosting platform targeted specifically at businesses.

The platform aims to fulfill all your broadcasting needs.

That said, it is more of a live streaming platform, which has so far proved equally good at hosting other types of videos too.

Like other platforms we have seen so far, Dacast allows customizing the video player to suit your brand image.

You can also include your business logo in the videos.

Bear in mind, customization of the videos is only possible through API.

The HTML5 player that the platform makes available to all its members can run on any browser on any device.

Are you worried your videos won’t reach those with slow internet connectivity?

Worry not; the state-of-the-art video transcoding feature delivers video quality according to their device.

Also, users can upload videos in real-time from various sources, including mobile and desktop.

The benefits of live chat are many. Businesses can include a chat feature during live streaming by adding a suitable plugin to their mobile device.   

Dacast realizes the vital role of video marketing in the success of a small business.

Hence, the platform ensures you have no trouble hosting or live streaming videos by providing around-the-clock (24/7) support.

The video hosting platform allows seamless integration of Google Analytics into your video content. This gives users access to vital performance data.

For first time users, understanding the platform, its features, and functioning might take some time.

To simplify the learning process, Dacast makes available a well-built and updated ‘Resources’ section.

The auto-generated embed code lets you display the videos on any page and share them on any social video platform.

The other noteworthy features offered by Dacast includes search engine optimization of the video, email capture to boost your email marketing campaign, and the ability to add an in-video call to action (CTA).

5. Wistia


Not quite in the big leagues yet, Wistia is slowly growing in popularity among professionals and businesses.

Unlike YouTube, Wistia doesn’t steal visitors away from your website.

Instead, Wistia aims to improve traffic to the website, increase engagement throughout the site, and boost conversions.

Through Wistia, you can make every pixel of the videos and its player work for you.

You can do this by creating custom players with your logo, modified controls, and colors that showcase your brand.

Although the two platforms – Wistia and YouTube – serve different purposes, a gradual comparison of their features will show why Wistia is better than YouTube for business.

Don’t want to lose your audience because of ads and suggested content? Wistia delivers ad free content to anyone, and anywhere you want.

Whether it’s one video or a series, you can use Wistia to ensure your audience enjoys a high-quality and captivating video and audio experience.

The ‘Up Next’ feature allows you to suggest the next videos in the series, thereby keeping the visitors’ longer on the website.

Wistia offers some powerful integration features.

You can further boost marketing efforts by combining the power of Wistia with other marketing tools such as Pardot, Mailchimp, HubSpot, and Marketo.

Apart from displaying the videos on the page created using landing page builder tools, you can use the embed and sharing features to send the content far and wide, including social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

By using Wistia, you once again gain control over your video content.

The platform allows you to invite whoever you want; you can password-protect the video content and set permissions to decide who gets access to your content.

After using Wistia, you’ll feel the tracking features offered by YouTube quite inadequate.

The Analytics in Wistia is one of its stand-out features.

The in-depth analytics data enables you to track audience interaction and engagement with the video.

Final Thoughts

We were long past the ear when YouTube was the only video hosting platform in the town.

Make no mistake; YouTube is still the go-to place for the general audience.

That said, it’s good for businesses and marketers to know all the options they have to leverage video content to create awareness, drive traffic, increase engagement, generate leads, improve conversions, and boost sales.

The platforms mentioned in this article are some of the best alternatives to YouTube.

Study each one carefully, their pricing plans and features.

You may never know; one or more platforms might better suit your content and audience than YouTube.

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