Why Using Numbers on Your CV is So Important

When you are drawing up your CV ready to send out to prospective employers, it can be very easy to overlook adding figures to your information. You can be so wrapped up in the style, grammar and format of your layout that forgetting to say how much time or money you saved your company can … Continue reading “Why Using Numbers on Your CV is So Important”

Create an Inspiring Workplace in 2017

When you think about work, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Is it co-workers (both the good ones and the bad ones)? Or do you get overwhelmed with thoughts of deadlines and projects? When you walk into your office do you feel deflated—or exalted?  If your office leaves you feeling less than inspired, … Continue reading “Create an Inspiring Workplace in 2017”

How to Make the Most of Your Free Time at Work

We all lead a very busy life where a majority of the time goes into working at our jobs. It is difficult to find time for ourselves after office hours; it almost feels like a dream when a client cancels at the last minute or a meeting is rescheduled for some other day or you … Continue reading “How to Make the Most of Your Free Time at Work”

Employee Of The Month Or A Forgettable Face?

Office work is some of the most exciting and varied available. As with any business choice, some office environments are better than others. But, if you find a company that excites you, you may thrive in their office environment. The best thing about these jobs is that you don’t need high-level qualifications to get in. … Continue reading “Employee Of The Month Or A Forgettable Face?”

The Most In Demand Healthcare Careers For 2017 And Beyond

The Healthcare Industry is currently moving, shaking, and evolving to fit the needs of the modern world. If you’ve always wanted to find a job in the medical industry, consider one of the many careers that are currently booming. 1. Nursing In certain areas of the U.S., there have been severe nursing shortages for almost … Continue reading “The Most In Demand Healthcare Careers For 2017 And Beyond”

The Types of Jobs in The eSports Industry

It may not even be on the radar for most people, but the eSports Industry (also known as electronic sports, or e-gaming) has been growing at a phenomenal rate, and the good news is that this has opened up a whole new job sector that wasn’t available even just a decade ago. While professional player is … Continue reading “The Types of Jobs in The eSports Industry”

How to Spot Fake or Spammy Job Offers

Spam mailing with offers of work has recently become more common. Internet users note a sharp increase in the number of fraudulent letters, which are often difficult to distinguish at first glance from a real business proposal. We are going to tell you about the tricks used by intruders, how to distinguish a malicious letter … Continue reading “How to Spot Fake or Spammy Job Offers”

Your Ideal Career Is Waiting For You

Have you ever wondered what your ideal career is? Sick of your current job but don’t know where to start? Here are some ideas that could help you land a role you love: Figure Out What You’re Good At You want a job you’re going to be good at. The best job will utilize your … Continue reading “Your Ideal Career Is Waiting For You”

Don’t Fear Taking Your Career To The Next Tier

Whether it’s a promotion, a transfer to a better branch or simply an increase in your hourly wage, everybody reaches a point in their career at which they want more from their work. Perhaps you feel undervalued for what you’re doing, or perhaps you’ve simply become bored of the same old routine and you want … Continue reading “Don’t Fear Taking Your Career To The Next Tier”

6 Key Traits for Working in a Team

Teamwork – it’s a vital skill to have with the success of every business relying on the teams of people that work there. It’s no wonder that so many businesses invest a lot of time and effort into recruiting new team members. By working in a team we can play to our strengths, be more … Continue reading “6 Key Traits for Working in a Team”