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With the advancement of technology and the globalization of the business world, the ways of doing business have changed drastically. Nowadays, it is not required to confine employees in one workplace, as in the past. This has lead to the popularity of working remotely in various sectors such as sales, engineering, and customer service.

Working remotely doesn’t mean occasionally working from the office; it refers to living in a different city or even a different country from the company for which you’re working.

Plenty of companies have their employees placed in remote locations, and there are also thousands of freelance positions available for those who want to work remotely and be their boss. Working remotely is now becoming the leading choice for college students and recent graduates while looking for internships and entry-level jobs.

Working remotely offers a lot of benefits and freedom, and many jobs are quickly accomplishable from a virtual office. However, working remotely also has its drawbacks. You may find yourself slacking off and not get things done.

Let’s take a look at the six tips that you can do to overcome those challenges and successfully work remotely.

1. Consider Your Workplace

When you are working remotely in your home, you most likely have the freedom to work wherever, as long as you have your laptop and a reliable internet connection. You can work from your bedroom, the living room couch, the kitchen counter, and much more. But having inconsistent places to work can lead to erratic work patterns, leaving you stressed and dreading work.

It is always advisable to set up a designated space to do your job and make sure that you feel motivated by your environment and ready to tackle whatever comes your way. Turn a spare room into an office. If the space in your home is limited, find a desk or table that’s specifically for your work.

You can also find alternatives for your work like going to the local coffee shop, bookstore or office space. Most of these places offer free Wi-Fi and a quiet place to sit so that you can do your work more comfortably without any distractions.

2. Keep Connected with Your Colleagues and Managers Always

Once you have set up your workplace for your remote job, the next thing is to establish proper communication with your colleagues and managers to operate the remote workforce effectively. A connection is always a good idea when you are working for a traditional office, but even more so when you are working from a virtual office or home.

You are required to schedule frequent one-on-ones or check-ins with people who know what you’re working on, how it’s progressing and any issues that come up. It will not only provide clarity of the work that you are doing, but it will also serve as a reminder that you are taking the initiative for managing the job effectively.

The more information you provide to other team members of the company, the easier it will be for your colleagues and managers to work with you and help out if you get stuck somewhere in work.

3. Set a Schedule for Your Work

One of the advantages of working remotely is that you can set a schedule for your work according to your requirements or your schedule. Just remember, once you establish a plan around your company’s core business hours, you need to stick with it to get your work done.

Doing work for consistent work hours helps your body and mind get into work mode, and even allows you to focus and be more productive. Working the same hours every day also helps you to communicate effectively with the rest of the team and be available as new situations crop up.

4. Network Locally

While working in a traditional office environment, you can exchange a lot of ideas with people within teams. But when you choose to work as a remote worker, you are most likely to become more and more of a loner, and you miss out on a lot of these ad-hoc conversations and meetings. Even though you can gain experience from the work you are doing in a remote job, to grow your skills, it’s important to learn from others.

So, you need to make sure that while scheduling your time, you are also planning to get out. Be social with others! Find meetups and workgroups like virtual offices in your area is an excellent way to network and to learn and share ideas to work more effectively in your job.

5. Build Relationships with Your Community

Successful careers don’t only centre around the work you do in your remote job. They also depend on the relationships you build with your co-workers and managers. You can also make connections with other entrepreneurs while sitting in the virtual office.

Developing high-quality relationships with co-workers and managers not only helps you in establishing relationships with them, but it will also help you increase productivity and feel psychologically productive at work.

Make sure that you are taking enough time from work hours to develop these relationships. It is important to be active on internal communication platforms or by having regular video calls with team members. Make sure to bond over connections inside and outside of work.

6. Take Short Breaks

The last tip to effectively work in a remote job is to make sure that you are scheduling short breaks. It is important to relax from your working plan. Make sure to get up from your desk and move around in your virtual office.

When you work in a traditional office, you often take short breaks. Be it while walking to meetings, getting coffee refills, or walking to chat with a colleague.

However, while working remotely, sometimes you forget to take those short breaks which may result in overwork. Therefore, it is always better to stop working and stretch your legs a few times a day.


Working remotely definitely has its perks. From flexibility to work, less time spent commuting, and the ability to set your hours. However, it also brings some challenges with it.

If you’re considering transitioning to a virtual office, these tips can help you in providing a productive work environment.

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