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Welcome to CareerMetis.com, we aim to be the primary destination for job-seekers and freelancers to find useful advice, insights, resources, and inspiration for starting & growing their professional and freelance careers.

Why the name – CareerMetis.com?

Perhaps, you are wondering what exactly is a ‘Metis‘. You are not alone. In fact, I have been asked that question over & over again.

The name “Metis” comes from Greek Mythology & Ancient Greek Religion. It means wisdom or skill or craft. Zeus himself was referred to as the “The Wise Counsellor”. Now, I assume you are not interested in Mythology, and that is not the reason you visited this website :).

And my intention was not to write about Mythology. My intention with this blog is to be my readers’ wise counsellor in their quest of growing their Careers. Over the years, I have learned from numerous mentors, teachers, and wise counselors. Their ideas and teachings have helped me to land job opportunities, and have also shaped my career.

My hope is that by visiting this website – you will get all the ideas, tips, strategies, tips, resources, wisdom you need to either help you land that dream job; or take your current career to stratospherical levels.

I am also fortunate to have regular columnists, contributors, and guest authors – who have shared their wisdom and knowledge, in the form of articles and interviews.


My bold and ambitious goal is to make CareerMetis.com the first /primary website you need to take your career to the next level.

About the Managing Editor

ABOUT USNissar Ahamed is an accomplished Growth Hacker with extensive experience working as a Blogger, Copywriter and Editor.

His Blog, CareerMetis, has a community focused approach to career discussion and has earnt Nissar great respect amongst his peers. His decision to establish CareerMetis, motivated by a desire to share his experience in the recruitment industry with others